Emily Kinney Showcases Pipes and Heart at Milkboy

MilkBoy hosted one heck of a show Friday night with Emily Kinney and openers Dylan Gardner and Adam Tressler. Kinney, whom millions know as Beth Greene from the hit television show and graphic novel series The Walking Dead, has showcased her pipes on the show multiple times, covering Tom Waits’ “Hold On” but is now back on the road and stopped at MilkBoy for her “This Is War” tour. Kinney, who hails from Nebraska, released two EPs to this date: Blue Toothbrush and Expired Lovewith more music expected to be released this spring.

Kinney brought a variety of tracks to her set, which included “Expired Lover,” “Masterpiece” “Rockstar,” “Julie,” and “This Is War,” among others, which made the crowd laugh, sing, and sometimes even get a bit teary-eyed, especially when Kinney sang an acapella rendition of “Dad Says”.

Kinney, along with her band, brought a cheery yet, at times, somber set to Milkboy that really showcased that she is multi-talented and well-deserving.

Check out our gallery of photos from the show below!


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Photography by Ruby Mora

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