John Eatherly of Public Access T.V. talks Explosions, SXSW in Pre-Show Chat

Photo Credit: Chad Moore

New York band Public Access T.V. has had a busy year, performing at CMJ and SXSW. Rock On Philly caught up with frontman John Eatherly to find out what’s to come for the band as they tour with Palma Violets, including a show on May 12 (tonight!) at Johnny Brenda’s.

Rock On Philly: Hi John, thanks for taking the time to speak to Rock On Philly. First off, I heard about the gas line explosion in Manhattan that destroyed your home. How did you deal with that? Was that your recording space as well?

John Eatherly: We had all of our gear, I had a bunch of demo recordings that I make in my room. Tapes, mixers, everything’s gone. I’m just glad all of us were [out of state]. We were all in California at the time watching the news. It felt surreal.

ROP: That was after SXSW?

JE: Yeah, we had played our last show in L.A. and Santa Anna and then we were hanging out.

ROP: How was SXSW?

JE: It was cool. We played six shows. It’s a trip down there. It’s crazy. Some of the shows have more younger, hipper crowd and they’re really fun. Other shows have some corporate people standing around just watching.

ROP: How did you like your time at CMJ back in October?

JE: CMJ was cool. It’s a little more spread out than SXSW and it’s more laid back. I think SXSW was a little more fun in terms of atmosphere. It just depends on the crowd and if they’re digging your music.

ROP: Your EP is coming out soon. How was recording for that?

JE: It’s coming out real soon. The recording was done in pieces. I recorded with this guy, Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes Recording, in Nashville. I would go down there for a week, do five or six songs, go home, and come back and do more. The EP’s a batch of those songs. One of the songs is a demo that I didn’t do there, but I did it at home on GarageBand. It was a low key, good time.

ROP: You were recently in London. Was that for recording or touring?

JE: Recording. It was for a down the line, singles project. I went by myself. We’re probably going to go back in the summer as a band to record the full album.

ROP: Finally, how did you come up with your band name?

JE: We were throwing around ideas and kind of wanted something that wasn’t a “The __” band or a single word plural. We thought Public Access T.V. was cool because it’s a place for everybody and place for weirdos. New York is for everybody and we liked the vibe.

Grab your tickets here to catch them at Johnny Brenda’s tonight!

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