Lanterns Premiere New Song “Bonfire” Ahead of EP Release

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, and therefore a perfect time to explore new music and build your repertoire. For those into gothic pop (and even for those who hesitate), the newcomer band Lanterns may provide some new intrigue.

The Brooklyn-based band describes themselves as an “electronic indie rock group with a dark and ambient vibe.” The ambiance is definitely there, but their sound veers more into pop than rock. They just released the first single, “Bonfire” off of their upcoming EP of the same name. “Bonfire” is a mid-tempo pop song that is slightly reminiscent of the early 80’s. It’s pop, but certainly no Taylor Swift. The song is dark and moody, with some cool echo effects. The hallmark of the song (and the rest of the EP) is definitely the haunting, high-pitch female vocals provided by lead singer keyboardist Kaitlyn Mills and backing vocalist Amanda Casale. Victor Kao and Bill Grant balance the song with careful bass and guitar, respectively.

On the other three songs in the EP, the band experiments with different tempos, synthesizers, keyboards, and both stormy and spacey effects. These musical elements harken back to the progressive rock movement of the 70’s and it’s refreshing to see a band use these effects in a contemporary sound. Overall, the EP sounds promising of bringing something new to the indie pop/rock genre.

The EP is due out on June 9th, and you can receive updates from their Facebook page. Check out the trailer for the EP below!

Featured Image occurs at approximately 0:06.


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