Put The Phone Down! Why Phones Should Be Put Away At Concerts

We all know how important our cell phones are. Without them, it feels like a part of us is missing. We feel like we might miss something extremely important if we aren’t looking at the tiny screen for more than five minutes. Let’s face it. There’s a time and a place for everything… Including the use of your phone! For example, while you’re driving, it can wait. While you’re checking out at the grocery store, it can wait. So, why is it that fans spend money to see their favorite musicians and they’re glued to their phones a majority of the time? It’s time to put the phone down at concerts!

According to Digital Music News, and a poll by Harris Poll, 31% of adults use their phones 50% of the time they are at a concert. Half of the time, they are at a concert; they’re not even watching what they paid for! What’s the point of buying a ticket to a concert, waiting in line, buying really expensive water, and not paying attention to half of it? You might as well watch clips of the concert on YouTube. At least then you can pause the video to check your urgent texts.

Let’s think about this. You’re spending money to see a band that you claim is one of your favorites, but your text messages about the ramen noodles your roommate just cooked is more important then the light show happening on the stage?

Now, let’s not forget that some of these people may have been live tweeting the event, taking photographs or shooting video. But, still, even if the entire 31% was using their phones for picture and video, they watched half the concert through a four inch screen. What a bummer!


Photo by Eliz Palmer via Flickr

Not only are the fans are wasting their money by being sucked into their technological devices, what about the musicians? They spend their days and nights making sure their show is the best it can be so they can entertain their fans. Imagine how they feel knowing that some people would rather look at their phone then watch them nail the most complicated guitar solo they’ve ever written. Where is the respect in that?

It’s time that we come together and respect the music scene. Buying a ticket does show the band that they have fans, but it’s important for them to make a connection to their fans through their music while they’re on stage. It’s also time that we respect ourselves. It’s okay for you to turn your phone off and enjoy two hours of amazing music with your friends. The recording on your phone will never come close to the experience of a live performance. It’s happening right in front of your face! Enjoy it! Make new friends and put the phone down!

Besides, what happens if a crowd surfer comes by and you’re too busy double tapping your Instagram feed? Things could get dangerous… just don’t do it.

How much time do YOU spend on your phone at concerts? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Image by Arek Olek via Flickr


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