Top 8 Moments of the MMRBQ 2015

For rock fans of all genres, 93.3 WMMR FM’s MMRBQ at the Susquehanna Bank Center has become the unofficial start of the summer concert season, and its 7th year proved to be the loudest, biggest, and most successful one yet. All the bands had so much energy, and the concertgoers all left in a daze of wonder. Did we really just witness the incredible performances of the day, or was it all a dream? If it wasn’t for the pictures and video that I took, I might not have believed it.

For those who couldn’t make it, live vicariously through this recap of the craziest moments and don’t miss out on next year’s!

8. Rival Sons Put On a Brave Face


After local band Cold Roses, Rival Sons came on with a soulful classic rock sound, but unfortunately singer Jay Buchanan was feeling ill and they had to cut their set short. However, by the way he was wailing, no one could tell what pain he was in. Hopefully they return to Philly soon because their latest album Great Western Valkyrie is incredible.

7. Seether Plays Favorites for Fans

Seether, who have now played the MMRBQ three times, played mostly fan favorites, starting with “Gasoline” which is known as their tradition to begin a set, and ending with “Remedy,” which never gets old.

6. Halestorm Gets Heavy and Loud For Filled-Up Audience 


Like Seether, Halestorm mostly stuck to favorites like “I Miss The Misery,” “Freak Like Me” and “I Get Off.” The crowd went wild for Lzzy Hale’s vocals and the band looked like they were having a great time. Along with The Pretty Reckless (more on them later), it was refreshing to see the MMRBQ feature two female-fronted rock bands this time around.

5. Breaking Benjamin Reforms and Reconquers!


Breaking Benjamin followed in a much-hyped appearance, as it is the first time the reformed band has played electric instruments live in the Philly area. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Benjamin Burnley (who is also the only original member left) gave off such an intense impression that I felt as if he could stare into someone’s soul and destroy it. The band played their new single “Failure” and their mid/late-2000’s hits, like “Breath” and “I Will Not Bow,” and even a cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The crowd definitely responded well to the comeback.

4. Mosh Pit Breaks Out During Breaking Benjamin 

Many waiting in the pit section during BB’s set came just to participate in a mosh pit, which included running into and pushing other people. It was a little scary for the more petite people in the crowd! The behavior made it impossible to enjoy the music and I had to leave the spot I waited so long to have. I wished the band or security guards would have noticed and done something about it. Maybe I just don’t “get it,” but I feel that moshing is a discriminatory practice against women, younger and elderly concertgoers, and anyone else who just wants to listen to the music. Not cool.

3. Taylor Momsen is THE Rock Goddess During The Pretty Reckless Set


The Pretty Reckless performed one of the strongest sets of the day. They sound even better live than on the album! Taylor Momsen and her crew played a bunch of songs from the new album Going to Hell including a powerful rendition of “Sweet Things,” as well as a few old favorites like “Make Me Wanna Die.” Momsen carries a swagger and aura on stage that many male leads only wish they could have.

2. Stone Temple Pilots Redeem Themselves with Chester Bennington


When Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington came on, the vibe in the stadium intensified – everyone realized what legends STP are. With his sunglasses and swagger, Chester Bennington looked and played the role of former STP frontman Scott Weiland. The band played a slew of STP’s impressive catalogue, as well as their single with Bennington, “Out of Time.” The band played tightly and looked happy, something that was really refreshing to see after the drama they have experienced recently with Weiland.

1. Everyone Else Just Stay Home, Because Slash Slays the Entire Night


At around 10 PM, we all finally got what we had been waiting for all day – the one and only Slash! Slash headlined this year with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, and put on just an all-around phenomenal set. They played newer songs “World on Fire” and “Bent to Fly” from their latest album World on Fire, and “You’re A Lie” and “Anastasia” from their previous album, Apocalyptic Love. As Slash was finishing the long guitar solo that ends “Anastasia,” he immediately went into the iconic opening of “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” which drove the crowd wild. They also played GNR hits “Nighttrain,” “You Could Be Mine,” and of course, “Paradise City.” Only Slash could get away with playing “Paradise City” behind his back in such an effortless manner. He is a living LEGEND. And dare I say Myles Kennedy sang those songs better than Axl Rose could have ever imagined? Their performance made the mosh-pit torture I endured earlier totally worth it.

Photography by Lauren Silvestri


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