Unknown Mortal Orchestra Shows Us Multiple Sounds With Multi-Love

Indie rockers Unknown Mortal Orchestra recently treated our ears to their new release, Multi-Love. The psychedelic music, and interesting melodies distinguishes Unknown Mortal Orchestra from the rest. Title track, “Multi-Love” starts off with a synth sound followed by vocals by lead singer, Ruban Neilson. The drums eventually pick up creating a beat that entices you to tap your foot along.


The fifth track on the album, “Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruetly” gets a little weird. An effect is used on the vocals throughout the entire song, so if you’re a fan of lyrics you might want to read along to the lyrics while you listen so you know what’s being said.

Track seven, “Stage or Screen” starts off with a synth sound followed by strong vocal harmonies. It’s hard to determine if this is a new song, or if track six, “The World Is Crowded” has a part two. Though all nine songs on the album are similar in sound, they all have one little thing that separates them, you just have to listen closely to find it. “Stage or Screen” stands out from the rest because of the high harmonies, while “The World Is Crowded” has a heavier bass sound.

The final song on the album is a seven minute treat. Starting with a sound effect of broken glass, shortly after a fancy guitar riff and drum beat begins. Once you start nodding your head, the music changes to something completely different, but somehow it works! Like mentioned before, though, if you’re really a fan of lyrics don’t count on this album being your best choice, it’s hard to understand them.

Neilson produced, engineered and mixed this entire album. It looks like he has “multiple loves.” It seems like a lot of passion went into making this album. Every single sound is placed in the spot in which it is in for a specific reason, making the album come together as a whole. Music always seems better when it’s put together well.

The band seemed to keep their unique sound from their previous albums, giving fans something to look forward to and latch onto. The fact that the band kept true to their roots is exactly what loyal fans are looking for. The band seemed to take their natural sound and write an entire new album that sounds similar, but different at the same time which is extremely hard to do.

Featured Image by Guiomar Fernández of Alterna2 via Flickr

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