Chris Gennett’s ‘Hey Kid’ Is Our Folksy Summer Jam

It’s summer. It’s festival season. It’s time to get your stereo ready for those long car rides with the windows down. But what should you be jamming out to this summer on your travels to live shows? We suggest Chris Gennett!

Chris is our June Artist of the Month, and with his newly released debut album, Hey Kid, he is ready to take over your car radio and help you “Runaway.” His sound is a mix of folk, blues, and pop. In an interview with Rock On Philly, he cites John Mayer, James Taylor, and Jimi Hendrix as his musical inspirations, and Chris has certainly picked up a technique or two from these artists. His songs feature honest vocals, prominent acoustic guitar parts, and soft rhythmic jams, resulting in danceable tracks with smooth folk vibes.

Chris Gennett Featured Image

Chris’s lyrics connect with a conversational tone, tinged with humor and spattered with narratives in songs such as “You’re Crazy” and “Lose My Mind.” The album’s title track introduces the listener to the earnest side of Chris’s writing with lyrics that state “Don’t you know it’s been so hard, but I did the best we could.” But the standout track on the album is the infectious “Can’t Stay Here” with its funky, clean guitar and natural build. The rhythm follows the vocals throughout the song, culminating in the choruses with hits that make the melody shine. The guitar solo effortlessly transitions to a chill instrumental break, and the bass riffs towards the end of the song bring the listener back into the groove that drives the track.

As a Philly native, Chris often shares his music live throughout the city. Now, with his debut album, you can take his pop-folk jams with you on your travels. So, plan your route, roll your windows down, and jam out this summer with Chris Gennett!

Photography by Jesse Gennett

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