Countdown to Firefly: Mother Mother Picks Your Best Music

With just days until Firefly Music Festival, we can almost feel the anticipation in the air. Music fans aren’t the only people excited, though. We talked to Mother Mother about their show in Philly on June 18th, but after they play The Barbary, it’s straight off to Firefly for the Canadian synth rockers! Guitarist and vocalist Ryan Guldemond told us what makes him excited for Firefly, and the rest of the band let us know what they’re listening to as they tour North America.

Rock On Philly: What other bands do you want to see at Firefly?
 Ryan Guldemond: I’d love to see Paul McCartney and not just for the legacy factor, but because he’s still an incredible force of a musician and performer with a voice that hasn’t diminished. When I was getting into songwriting as a teenager I tried to rip off “Rocky Raccoon” with a song called Fighting Fred.  I would also like to see Tove Lo. She’s doing fantastic things in the pop realm. A year ago at this moment I was probably listening to the remix of her big hit “Habits (Stay High).” That song was on repeat for a quite a stretch, and is still on our pre show playlist that we use to get the crowd stoked.

ROP: What do you like best about playing at festivals?
 RG: I like the cross-pollination of people and music and how humbling and educational that objective exposure is. Being on a club tour where it’s your scene every night, a band can really get stuck in the microcosm of itself. Being exposed to other live bands is really healthy. It’s like “wow, look how incredible they are and 100% different than us. Maybe we should try a little of that out.” And the catering is more often than not, delightful.


Photo via Firefly Music Festival

As you trek out to Delaware for Firefly, Mother Mother has suggested some songs for you to check out on the road…

Jasmin Parkin, Keyboard/Vocals:

Amy Winehouse, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” (cover)
Because it’s the best cover of this song that I’ve ever heard, and I’m always in the mood for Amy.

The Ronettes, “Be My Baby”
Because this is just so classic and awesome. All hail the R&B Soul Pop girl groups of the 60’s!

Molly Guldemond, Vocals/Keyboard:

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Into My Arms”
This may be my favourite NC song. Such great lyrics.

The Pixies, “Caribou”
I have been singing this song in sound check lately. So good.

Ali Siadat, Drums:

The Bad Plus, “Big Eater”
My favourite modern jazz trio. Uber-creative, unique, inspiring approach.

Blonde Redhead, “Misery Is A Butterfly”
So sad, so beautiful.

Ryan Guldemond, Guitar/Vocals:

The Acid, “Basic Instinct”
This is one of my favorite new bands and I introduce them to everyone I know, including a friend whom, while watching this track’s music video (that everyone must see), described it as “slow violence” which I thought was perfect.

The Jive Bombers, “Bad Boy”
This is a wonderful little nugget of old timey-malt-shop-doo-wop-butterscotch-nostalgia that sends me off on a happy cloud, every single time.

Jeremy Page, Bass:

Kurt Vile, “Baby’s Arms”
Cuz he’s from Philly.

Michael Brecker, “Madame Toulouse”
Cuz he was from Philly (R.I.P.).

Get the full Playlist from our official Rock On Philly Spotify channel below!

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