David Gray and Amos Lee perform exquisite show at the Mann Center

Photography: Brittany Salerno

Last Friday, Amos Lee and David Gray co-headlined an exquisite show at the Mann Center. The talented Rachael Yamagata, who opened the show, wonderfully summed up the night for attendees: “This is a concert to share with your true love.”

Between Gray and Lee, there were plenty of heartfelt tunes to be enjoyed. Gray, known for songs like “Babylon” and “This Year’s Love” also performed numbers like “Nightblindness” and “Life in Slow Motion.”

Philly’s own Amos Lee, known for songs like “Sweet Pea” also performed Philly- inspired gems like “Violins.” He says: “I wrote it about Philly in later January. When winter starts settling down way down in your bones. When you’re more angry than usual…We’re not angry were just irritated. We don’t really give a sh** so we’re gonna tell you the truth.”

Miss the show? Check out our sweet photo gallery below!

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