Fall Out Boy And Wiz Khalifa Light ‘Em Up at Susquehanna Bank Center

On Wednesday night before the sun was even down, Wiz Khalifa brought the stage of Susquehanna Bank Center to life. The Boys of Zummer tour kicked off in Camden with Fall Out Boy and the night was unforgettable.

Wiz Khalifa started his set with “Ass Drop,” and moved promptly along to “Black And Yellow.” From rollerskating around on stage as he sang, huge confetti blasts, to lighting up a smoke on stage for a breather, Wiz Khalifa was his goofy, lovable self. Sprinting into the crowd to get up close and personal fans, he kept the set from being a one-note rap show. Performing hits like “We Dem Boyz” and “Work Hard, Play Hard” as the video showed scenes of Philadelphia driving made the local audience happy. His set ended with his most recent hit “See You Again” from Furious 7 with a chorus of fans singing along.

Whoever thought that pairing Wiz Khalifa with Fall Out Boy is a genius. The rapper and punk rockers brought together an interesting crowd. In the pit, everyone was all smiles. From the moment Fall Out Boy took stage with their breakout hit “Sugar, We’re Going Down,” the pit was in synchronized jumps and arm flails. Not shy with pyrotechnics, the band welcomed the heat and engulfed the crowd with energy by jumping off platforms and enthusiastic fist pumping.

Fall Out Boy was good to fans by playing songs from their entire career. The oldies like “Dance, Dance” and new songs from their latest album such as “Uma Thurman” and “American Beauty/American Psycho” were met with the same devotion. Pat Stump also made it to the back of the crowd as Wiz Khalifa had done to perform an intimate “Young Volcanoes.” The drumming from Andy Hurley was off the charts as he showed off his chiseled upper body.

Pete Wentz put fan girls to frenzy by diving off into the pit for “Saturday.” For being a small band (in terms of height), Fall Out Boy has the stage presence of gold. Band members constantly moved about stage, and their creative backdrops (poop emojis) added to their playfulness.

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Photography by Wakana Narisako and Mike Hannigan

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