Firefly 2015: Rock On Philly Staff Picks Top Moments!

We had such a rollicking great time at Firefly Music Festival that we did not want it to end! Here are Rock On Philly’s best moments from the massive four-day show…(and, believe us, this was really really hard).

Jennifer Logue, Editor-in-Chief
Samantha Sweeney (left), Jennifer Logue (right)

My favorite moment from Firefly 2015 was getting to see Paul McCartney perform live. Up until then, I never had the opportunity and it exceeded my wildest expectations. He performed a marathon 2-hour set and had the entire 90,000 person crowd completely enthralled. What’s more, he seemed humbled by it all. It’s clear that even at 73, performing hasn’t lost its magic for him. I couldn’t stop smiling because he was having such a ball up there. Then, of course, all of those songs…Out of all of them, “Blackbird” was my favorite. He performed solo and joked, “So many of you out there have been trying to learn to play this song. You’re all wrong!” Yup. I am one of those people. Oh and the massive group sing-a-long for “Hey Jude” was probably one of the most epic sing-a-longs I’ve ever seen. 🙂

Samantha Sweeney, Managing Editor

On Saturday, my life changed. Gary Clark Jr. on “Don’t Owe You A Thang” was nothing short of incredible. The line, “It’s just me and my guitar, baby, that’s all you get,” along with his intergalactic guitar skills just struck me in such a good way. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the free Cupcake wine, or just maybe his sheer talent that any time anyone asks me how Firefly was, I just exclaim: “GARY CLARK JR. WAS FANTASTIC.” #truestory

Wakana Narisako, Writer

Wakana Narisako (left)

I loved AWOLNATION. From the minute they came on, the energy flipped and the fans roared. The band looked crisp in all white and stood out against all the bands wearing black. The ground below me was shaking from all the fans raging during “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf).” I was standing in the middle towards the front and a crowdsurfer would come over my head every minute. One of them fell on me and her clothes got caught in my earrings and ripped them out. If earrings are all I lost at Firefly weekend, I’ll take it.

David de Cristofaro, Writer

Gallery 14 (Mark Foster; Foster The People)

David DeCristofaro (left), Mark Foster of Foster the People (right)

My favorite moment was absolutely the main stage performance of Foster The PeopleSaturday evening on the third day of the festival, Mark Foster and the boys turned in one of the finest performances I have ever seen, entrancing a mass audience with their stage presence, following Foster’s lead. Even after two days of a loaded festival line-up which included stormy rains at night, the intense heat of the sun during the day, and the muddy grounds left in between, an enormous crowd of people came completely alive as though it were opening night. The only problem with Foster The People’s set was that it left me wanting more and to see them perform again as soon as possible! This was a moment that will stay with me for many years to come!

Check out some crowd shots from the big show below!

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Slideshow photos, featured image by Stephanie DeFeo, SolidStares Photography

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