Get Down With the DMA’S at Boot & Saddle on 6/5!

Australian rockers of DMA’S are heading to Philadelphia on June 5th to play at Boot & Saddle. The band is made up of  Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason, and Johnny Took. They just released their latest EP and are getting positive reviews all around. The guys of DMA’S are gaining momentum, and took the time to answer some questions for us before their show.

Rock On Philly: First off, how did you come together? What roles do each member playing in keeping your band functional?
DMA’S: Johnny was playing bass and Tommy drums in another band, and started writing songs on the side. A couple of months into it, Mason, a friend of Johnny’s, heard some of the early DMA’S demos and joined. Everyone’s involved in the songwriting, and Johnny has been recording the songs since the start.

ROP: What decade of music do you feel the most influence from?
DMA’S: Mostly 90’s bands. American and British, but we also love artists like The Beatles, Neil Young etc.

ROP: In what situations do you feel the most inspired to write new songs?
DMA’S: In situations of sadness or loneliness but also the during the good times . Basically most of our songs are about girls.

ROP: What do you want your fans to feel while listening to your music?
DMA’S: Nostalgia.

ROP: Will this be your first visit to Philadelphia?
DMA’S: Yeah it will, pretty excited about it as we’ve heard great things.


ROP: You guys are busy with touring and festivals this summer. What are you looking forward to the most?
DMA’S: We’ve got a bunch of great shows and festivals lined up over the next 4 months – looking forward to it all.

ROP: How do you feel about performing in the same festival (Governor’s Ball) as Noel Gallagher who you’ve noted as your influence?
DMA’S: Pretty chill.

ROP: Thanks again and I look forward to seeing your performance in Philly!
DMA’S:  Thanks!


Get your tickets for their performance here. The DMA’S will be following a set by Philadelphia’s The Silence Kit.

Featured Image by McLean Stephenson

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