In Photos: Courtney Barnett Steals Hearts at Union Transfer

In her debut album’s opening song “Elevator Operator,” the Australian punk rock powerhouse Courtney Barnett sings, “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you/You’re still in your youth.” This same idea applies to her own musicianship, though – just one album out, and Courtney Barnett has already earned herself a cult following in the US. Last week’s sold-out show marks her third performance at Union Transfer in roughly a year. As the twenty-seven-year-old noted between songs, each time she plays at Union Transfer, the stage gets pushed back further to accommodate her growing fanbase. Courtney Barnett’s songs are musically impressive, as her debut Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit features an extensive array of both punk and ballad-like melodies, but her lyricism propels her sound to another tier. Each of Courtney Barnett’s songs tells a zany, thought-provoking story, making her music command attention.






Check out the gallery from the Union Transfer show below!

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All photos by Amanda Silberling.

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