Jeremy Loops Makes Philly Debut at World Cafe Live

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa,  Jeremy Loops is a one-of-a-kind singer-songwriter.  Loops blends folk, reggae, hip-hop and jazz into his sound with the help of a loops machine.  With the accompaniment of South African rapper Motheo Moleko, Bass and Percussionist Mr. Sakitumi, and Saxophonist Jamie Faull, Loops is able to produce one hell of a sound on stage.

After playing in twenty-three states across the country in the span of forty-nine days, Jeremy Loops made his debut in Philadelphia at the World Cafe Live on June 25th.  It was the perfect intimate setting for him to showcase his music.

He opened the show by demonstrating how his loops machine works and showed the different ways he can change his voice, record sounds to repeat etc.  He was very funny and made his crowd laugh with the varied sounds he could produce with the apparatus. The first song he performed was “Welcome”, which is shown below.  He showed off his signature harmonica skills and simultaneously beat-boxed.

Jeremy’s second song he performed was his hit “Mission To The Sun (Howling)”, video below. This track is all about staying optimistic and confident in a long distance relationship.  Jamie’s saxophone and Mr. Sakitumi’s create an awesome backdrop to Jeremy’s lyrics.

“Sinner” was the only track in Jeremy’s set that was a solo number.  He used just his guitar and harmonica to play this song.  This tune deals with heartbreak and finding out that your partner cheated. Jeremy was able to convey lots of emotion.

Motheo Moleko was featured in the remainder of the concert. Moleko provided heartfelt lyrical flow in his rap breaks in “My Shoes”, “Down South”, “Running Away”, and “See, I Wrote It For You”.  It is evident all of these songs the connection that Motheo and Jeremy have to their hometown of Cape Town. Below is Moleko’s performance of “Down South” with Jeremy.

Throughout the entire concert, Jeremy Loops had everyone cheering, singing, and moving along to the music.  His audience was very enthusiastic.  They wanted Jeremy to continue performing, which he graciously did.  Loops played two Encore songs including his cover of “Only The Good Die Young” and “Skinny Blues”.

If you haven’t checked out Jeremy Loops’ music, it is highly recommended that you do so after finishing this post! Not only is he wonderful live, he also happens to be a genuinely humble and down-to-earth guy.  His debut album “Trading Change” comes out on August 14th.  You can preorder it here on ITunes!

Were you at the show? Tell us what you thought of Jeremy Loops’s performance in the comments below!

Featured Image by Steven Pisano via Flickr


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