Kiss Me Deadly Coming July 1 to The Grape Room: They’ll Have You Crawling Back for More

Want to kick off July with a killer concert? Then check out Kiss Me Deadly at The Grape Room on July 1!

This indie-pop trio from Cleveland, OH bears same the name as the 1955 film noir (Kiss Me Deadly), and with their iconic name comes their unmistakable sound. The group creates smooth grooves with narrative lyrics, setting musical scenes with each track. Since releasing their debut album last month, What You Do In The Dark, Kiss Me Deadly has been hard at work creating a 40-minute silent film noir to complement their music. Creating a film may seem like an unusual task for a typical band, but as this group comprises Jen Poland and Evan Lieberman, two indie filmmakers, the video component of the album is highly anticipated.

Along with Madelyn Hayes, Poland and Lieberman take the listener through twelve tracks of chill vibes and sultry vocals, coupled with powerful builds and witty lyrics on What You Do In The Dark. Songs such as “Drone” and “Sherry Hides The Rum” showcase the lighter side of Kiss Me Deadly’s lyrics with their more conversational tone. But the standout track on the album is “Crawl,” which features commanding vocals and rocking lyrics such as, “Boys play games, but girls win them.” By the end of the bridge, the layers of vocals will have you screaming, “Crawl for me!”

The band is about to embark on their North American tour, and they’re taking their killer set and danceable vibes to the City of Brotherly Love on July 1. So, head on over to The Grape Room to check out Kiss Me Deadly with tickets here. They’ll be sure to have you crawling back for more!

Featured Image provided courtesy of the Artist

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