NEEDTOBREATHE’s Newest Music Video Shows Us the Meaning of Brotherly Love

Here at Rock On Philly, we’re all about brotherly (and sisterly) love. That’s why we flipped when we saw NEEDTOBREATHE’s music video for their song “Brother” (feat. Gavin DeGraw). If this video doesn’t put a smile on your face, you must not be a Philadelphian.

“Brother” was originally released as a part of NEEDTOBREATHE’s latest album, Rivers in the Wasteland, but the track was rereleased this past February, featuring Gavin DeGraw as a collaborator. In the new version of the song, DeGraw takes over the second verse and adds a lyrically powerful bridge, replacing the track’s original rocking instrumental break. The song builds from a sparse arrangement to a gospel jam as Bear Rinehart belts out “Brother let me be your shelter!” during the choruses. And the highlight of the track is the breakdown towards the end where the vocals and the harmonies crash the chorus right into your soul.

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The video stars Bear and Bo Rinehart (the brothers of NEEDTOBREATHE), Gavin DeGraw, and two young boys. Through quick cuts and flickering lights, it depicts both the frustration and the love and forgiveness that make up the bond of brotherhood, and it sends the message that no matter what life throws at you, “Brother I’m right here.”

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The empowering lyrics, the passionate performance, and the artistic cinematography together make this music video one of NEEDTOBREATHE’s finest. Although the rest of the band does not make an appearance in this video, they are an integral aspect of the song, and they create an incredible build in live videos (check out NEEDTOBREATHE’s moving acoustic performance of the song here). The group consistently delivers meaningful tracks with sweet music videos, and their release for “Brother” is no exception. This band may be from South Carolina, but we sure are loving them here in the City of Brotherly Love!

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