NEKOKAT Gets Us Ready for the Summer!

The Ready Set and The Summer Set: you may have been mixing up their names for years, but now the two groups are mixing and matching their band members to create an all-star group, NEKOKAT. The collective comprises Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set), Jess Bowen (The Summer Set), and Cameron Walker (collaborator with The Ready Set), who teamed up with Eric Palmquist (producer for Bad Suns and Night Riots) to create some hot summer pop music.

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NEKOKAT’s sound highlights the strengths of each artist in a unique light. It features Bowen’s pounding yet danceable grooves and Witzigreuter’s irresistibly catchy pop vocals. And the group embodies the positive feel of summer grooves and radio hits with their first release, “Gimme A Break.”

The song was just released on June 2, and it is already heating up social media. Walker explained the song’s message to Billboard: “Be yourself. Be awesome. Be different.” NEKOKAT is certainly all of that and more, so we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us this summer!

Photos by Catherine Powell

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