Responsible Rock ‘n’ Roll: Zia McCabe of the Dandy Warhols and Sun Cedar

Featured Image: William Landers

Instead of launching a new brand of perfume or a high end purse line that you will find on a 007 Flick, Zia McCabe (The Dandy Warhols/DJ Rescue) is getting behind Sun Cedar, a non-profit manufacturing organization that inspires and empowers at-risk members of the community through offering meaningful and paid employment. Those who are homeless, felons, and even recovering addicts are provided with a sense of purpose and thus are able to restore their fundamental human dignity through the second chance Sun Cedar provides.  This is a non-profit that takes care of the community from within, the local community that we all are so quick to overlook.

In a society where it is not as sexy to help the neighbor next door fill their bellies with soup as it is to go to a third world country to help, with artists like Arcade Fire going to Haiti for instance, Zia is passionate about using her influence as a well- known musician to find solutions for problems in our local communities.

While many community organizations are religiously affiliated (think of your local soup kitchen), organizations like Sun Cedar empower without an agenda. On top of that, they operate in accordance with Zia’s core values- being solution based, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and healing the community from within. Sun Cedar has a lot of the same core values as companies like Rosa’s Pizza in Philadelphia & Dave’s Killer Bread in Oregon and is apart of a growing movement of solution- based giving that is sweeping the nation.

Dave’s Killer Bread, for example, is built on the philosophy of seeing the good in everyone and everything. This kind of love for the world is shown in the product. Dave Dahl, an ex-convict himself, a fan of the Dandy Warhol’s when he was doing time, extended his family bread business to the Dave Dahl Foundation to help employ felons, also giving them a second chance. On top of that, their Dave’s Killer Bread product is all natural.

Dave's Killer Bread

In Philadelphia, you have Rosa’s Pizza, a company that is also changing the way we do business. There’s no reason that a profitable business can’t incorporate giving back directly into their business model. Rosa’s Pizza has proved that it works, through giving customers the option of paying it forward by donating a $1 slice.

Far from a “Me Bot” that so many long-term established musicians and artists become, Zia McCabe has put her star power behind Sun Cedar. Its founder, Shine Adams, invested his life savings into the project and proved the model successful. Together with Zia and the rest of the Sun Cedar team, he is launching a Kickstarter to move to a professional shop facility and significantly increase the number of people it serves. “We’re not going to depend on donations for our day to day operations. We just need a little help to get over the start-up hump and get our products into the hands of national buyers,” he says.

Sun Cedar's Shine Adams

If you would like to help support Sun Cedar, visit their Kickstarter page here.

For more information, watch the video below.

Sun Cedar from Moonhead Visuals on Vimeo.


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