Rivers Monroe Launches Witty and Funny Sophomore Album: ‘Smart Girls’

The “Stars Align” in the pop-rock world on July 1st with the release of Rivers Monroe’s sophomore album, Smart Girls. The spacey arrangements and the rocking grooves that define each track distinguish this album from the group’s self-titled debut, but the Philly-based rock band has kept their danceable beats and prominent harmonies, resulting in an album that is ready for takeoff.

A lot of the songs on Smart Girls are upbeat and empowering. “The Good Life” is a party anthem with sing-a-long oh’s and a hook-laden melody that will have you screaming “Here’s to the good life,” and “Here’s to living the way we wanted to.” “Breakthrough” and “Oh Captain” culminate in rocking choruses with positive lyrics. And “Hero Inside” builds to a powerful outro that repeats “Save the night; let the hero inside you come alive.” The ballads, however, are where Rivers Monroe truly shines. “The Secret” is an acoustic song with harmonies and keys that carry the vocals out of this world, and “Against the Odds” features earnest lyrics over the piano-based track, creating a slow song that will soar through your emotions.

Rivers Monroe is known for their sense of humor, and they let that attribute loose on Smart Girls. The album’s title track revolves around lyric heavy verses with nerdy references (“Why did Firefly never have a second season?”), and its choruses insist that smart girls should “leave those glasses on.” But “Track 14” is definitely the most unique song on the album. The joke track is hilarious with its country falsetto and other musical nonsense. When the album contains songs as epic as “Firefight,” with its heavy drums and emotionally charged vocals, it’s fun as a listener to get a glimpse of the other, more frivolous side of the band.

Satellite,” Rivers Monroe’s first single from Smart Girls, hits radio next week, just in time for the band’s 16-date run on the Vans Warped Tour Presented by Journey’s. Coupled with two dozen performances at NASCAR races this season and an upcoming college tour, the road feels like home to these Philly rockers who are spreading their new music across the eastern US. So, don your glasses and your spacesuit, and check out Rivers Monroe live this summer! And let Rivers Monroe blast into your iTunes library on July 1st with Smart Girls!

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