Sweat it Out with Music + Yoga at Bikram Beats on July 10th!

While most of us are hitting the bars on a Friday night to de-stress, there is another fun, musical, sweaty option available. Bikram Beats! Every second Friday of the month, Robyn King hosts a special Bikram class complete with lights, music, and fun! What is Bikram you may ask? It is a 90- minute yoga series comprised of 26 postures done in a heated room. The next edition of Bikram Beats takes place on Friday, July 10th at 7:30PM at Bikram Yoga Philadelphia and a special playlist has been curated to get pumped for it. Get ready to sweat! Also, get ready to feel good because this is a donation class with all proceeds going to Neighborhood Bike Works!

1. Nu- “MAN O TO”


2. Simian Mobile Disco- “Hypnick Jerk”


For the full playlist, click below! To sign up for Bikram Beats, click here.


Bikram Beats 6/12/15 by Doctorplotkin on Mixcloud

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