The Griswolds’ Sold Out Philly Show

Australian bad boys of The Griswolds showed one heck of a party at MilkBoy on Wednesday. Creating a line that spread down the block, the band members casually strolled on the sidewalk, interacting with fans along the way. The crowd filled the upstairs venue quickly, while lead singer Chris Whitehall and drummer Lachlan West hung out by the merch table and taking pictures with fans.

The show opened with Urban Cone from Stockholm. The band had an interesting mix of indie rock and electronic rock that fit in with the young adult audience. The five-piece band is definitely one to watch, as they are vibrant on stage and also easy on the eye.

The Griswolds kicked off their energetic set with “Right On Track” off of their latest album Be Impressive. Their success has sky-rocketed in the last year and the song described their path well. Chris Whitehall, in his tank top with a fierce lion, rocked a mane just as fierce that he shook around while rocking out on stage. “16 Years” followed with the same upbeat energy as the band members sang their hearts out. This track was recently chosen to be on the FIFA 15 soundtrack and lives up to that hype with dynamic vocals.

Their set consisted of mostly tracks from Be Impressive, with a sprinkle of older tracks like “The Courtship of Summer Preasley,” “Mississippi,” and “Heart of a Lion,” when Whitehall jumped off the stage and danced with the crowd on the floor in front of him.

The Griswolds perform at Firefly on Saturday afternoon after a set by fellow Australians Intergalactix. Check out Rock On Philly’s exclusive interview with Intergalactix’s picks for Firefly here. Don’t miss out on a chance for good old fun with The Griswolds!

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