The Hunts’ ‘Those Younger Days’ Is Your Perfect Summer Soundtrack

There’s nothing quite like some pure folk to either calm you down or make your day better, especially with summer just around the corner (that 95-degree weather is just an illusion–it’s still spring!). What could be better than listening to some folk music while relaxing on a porch on a hot summer day while sipping on some lemonade? Well, adding The Hunts’ first full album Those Younger Days to your summer playlist will definitely make that lemonade taste even better.


The Hunts, made up of seven brothers and sisters (Jenni, Jessi, Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin, and Jamison), have been playing music together for practically all their lives. Over time, many of the members learned how to play electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, accordion, ukulele, and piano, which combine extremely well in Those Younger Days. 


The album is pure and unadulterated folk music, with amazing harmonizing vocals from the band, as well as instrumentation overall. Many of the songs stand on their own instrumentally, even though they all use similar instruments from one song to the next. “Illuminate” is a soothing, steady track mostly filled with piano and strings that talks about a love that’s missed. “Remember Us” stood out as a slow-paced, deep track that seems to lyrically tell a story of an old home and area that’s missed. The touch of xylophone in the songs adds a childish tinge, but then takes on a serious tone at the end when the band repeats ‘Come was my warpaint away,” possibly symbolizing a growth from childhood. “Make This Leap” features what seems to be banjo and ukulele, while being more cheery than some of the other songs on the album, with lyrics such as “Up above the static/up above the racket/I hear your voice calling me out of the darkness” and “You called me out from the dark/and brought me into the light,” which this particular line repeats at the end with no instruments, putting so much more emphasis into it.

Those Younger Days, overall, can be seen as an album you might hear in your head while you’re running through a field of flowers, or hanging out with your friends at a lake on the outskirts of a town. It fits that theme of just pure happiness and freedom, which are feelings that connect to an easy-breezy summer.

The Hunts are stopping by Dover, Delaware for the upcoming Firefly Music Festival June 18-21, so if you’re luck enough to have gotten a pass, don’t miss your chance to check this seven-piece out!

Featured Image occurs at approximately 3:42 in “Make This Leap”

Album Art Courtesy of the Artist

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