The Wayside Shakeup and New Sound Brass Band at Ortlieb’s Saturday June 20th

On Saturday June 20th, our May Artist of the Month The Wayside Shakeup and New Sound Brass Band will be performing at Ortlieb’s Lounge.  This show is guaranteed to put a little funk in everyone’s steps!

The Wayside Shakeup is a Philadelphia based Americana funk band.  They are inspired by Classic Rock, Motown, Jazz and Funk.  The band’s songs feature lots of memorable lyrics and crisp harmonies.  Wayside Shakeup will be performing their new single “Private Party,” with their upcoming EP will be coming out in Summer/Fall. Check out “Private Party” below!

New Sound Brass Band is a Philly brass band that puts an original take on different types of music. The members come from different backgrounds.  Their sound is grounded on its large and varied history to produce a Philadelphia embodiment of Brass.  As one of the few brass bands in the area, New Sound Brass is a standout with their soulful takes on classic songs. See for yourself below!


Get tickets here for this funky event!

Featured Image provided courtesy of the Artist


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