Wolf Alice Resurrects and Twists Grunge with My Love Is Cool

Before this past week, I had never heard any of Wolf Alice‘s music or how anticipated their debut album My Love Is Cool was. Now that I’ve listened to it (over and over), I’m still wondering why I didn’t provide my ears with the grunge-y, loud goodness that is this album. My Love Is Cool, released this past Tuesday through Dirty Hit Records, is a sonic, mystifying blend of Alternative Rock and grunge and many other things. The band’s sound can’t just be put into a box, which can also be said about the band’s raw and cunning lyrics. Although the band’s sound is heavily influences by many genres, it still sounds familiar in the sense that it can take someone back to 90’s Grunge, but with a twist of today’s Alternative and a bit of Folk Rock.



“Your Love’s Whore” stands out as plea to a lover that no matter what, there’s going to be a world for the two. The proof of lust and love shows when lead singer Ellie Rowsell sings, “I let your love take me/Now I am your love’s whore/Keep me hardly breathing/But, I can only love you more.” “You’re a Germ” is that anthem that I didn’t expect in this album. It sticks it to the creeps and germs of the world while also being a rowdy and up-tempo tracks in which Rowsell yells “You ain’t going to heaven/Cause I’m taking you down to hell/Where’s Mom and Dad so you can tell them/You’re a dodgy f***** as well.” The track that really stole my heart was “Fluffy.” It packed in a shrilling chorus where Rowsell shrieks “Sixteen!/So Sweet!” while the rest of the track seems to poke fun at places like Hollywood where many people would do anything to make it in the business.

My Love Is Cool, as a debut album, kicks all of the behinds and probably already has fans begging for more. All I know is this: Wolf Alice can rock with the best of them and then some. Even though many of us are anticipating their next album already, they’ve supplied the world with what the next generation of grunge and alternative rock is sounding like, and it’s sounding pretty rad so far!

Wolf Alice are stopping by Festival Pier August 2nd as part of the Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party lineup. Tickets are always free and you can snag them here once they’re released.

Have you heard My Love Is Cool? What do you think? Let us know int he comments after the jump!

Featured Image by David DeCristofaro

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