10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Philly Music Scene

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The Philly music scene is filled with talented musicians will endless energy! If you’ve been to a show here, you might have gotten a taste of what it’s like to a part of the music scene. Here are ten things that you may not have known about the Philly music scene!

10. We love love!

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Philly kind of has a bad rep when it comes to human contact. The musicians in Philly just love love! They want to play music for their fans, and have a great time doing it! After all, we are the city of brotherly love!

9. We are not in it for the money!

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If you’re a musician, you know that it doesn’t pay well! Philly musicians are playing because they love the art, and want to share their music with others. Money is not on their minds, and their minds are not on the money!

8. We want to make friends!

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A lot of musicians from other music scenes stop in Philly on their tours and grace us with their presence! We love making new friends, and we love networking.

7. We want to play with you!

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Don’t be afraid to ask for a collaboration. Philly scenesters want to expand their work, and the best way to do that is by meshing talents!

6. We are always jammin’!

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It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is… if you look hard enough you’ll find someone jamming in Philly. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for live talent.

5. Most of us are forever stuck on South Street!

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It’s not that we’ll never leave… it’s just that our saliva is stuck to the gum tree outside of the TLA. In addition to the TLA, South Street has a handful of awesome venues including The Legendary Dobbs, and Lickety Split.

4. We’ll never forget where we came from.

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Home is where the heart is! Each and everyone one of us put on for our city! Musicians are just like the sports fans… Philly proud!

3. There are a lot of “DIY” venues

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If you’re into playing intimate shows, a basement or a garage is perfect! It’s not just about the huge venues like The Wells Fargo Center and The Mann Center. Smaller venues are cool, too!

2. Underground is cool!

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Being an underground artist is something Philly is known for. You can start from the bottom and make it to the top… Look at Meek Mill.

1. We all want to be Will Smith

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And we will fight til the end to get there.

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