August Burns Red Solidifies Their Reputation with Found in Far Away Places

Lancaster, PA metalcore band August Burns Red has been renowned in their community for their brutal, technical music for almost a decade. The band creates solid albums and intense live shows made up of chaotic musicianship and harshly delivered lyrics of self-help. On their most recent album, Found In Far Away Placesthe band trades in some of their generic tendencies for more thoughtful build ups, but does still rely on the typical sounds found in their scene.


The band’s talent is most apparent in their quick, odd-metered rhythms and breakdowns that capture the fury of emotion the album deals with. August Burns Red is largely a guitar-focused band, aside from vocalist Jake Luhrs’ low growls, and throw in skillful guitar solos that range from fantastic to creatively stale. A lot of their riffs are sporadic and appealing, but at times they fall back on breakdowns that end up characterizing most bands in their genre.

The band’s trademark moments come from pulling you into the emotions of the record, largely dealing with grief and feeling betrayed. Lyrics like “These days are dark, filled with heavy clouds pouring on me / I’ll keep giving while you keep taking, as my trust in you is breaking” can be self-empowering, but lack the specificity or thoughtfulness needed to be totally successful. However, the emotional honesty matches the intensity of the music, which makes some songs therapeutic in the sense that you can project your own problems on to them.

Found In Far Away Places is not as seamless as older August Burns Red albums, but it will help solidify their position as an emotional metalcore band to existing fans. The band has found their niche in producing absurd guitar licks and dark vocal explosions, and they continue to delve into their pummeling brand of metalcore. The band has shown hints of experimentation, adding more melodic strings and other instruments, but it would be interesting to see them branch out and get more creative with the sound they helped popularize.

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Featured Image by Derrick Austinson Photog via Flickr

Album Art courtesy of the Artist

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