El Malito Talks Philly Latino Music Scene, Democratic Music, and Their Show on 7/12 @ World Cafe Live!

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El Malito & the 33rd Century are stopping at World Cafe Live tomorrow night with Jungle By Night. El Malito, according to their bio, is “a molecule titillating musical experience laced with punk attitude that uses electronic sounds, Reggaeton rhythms, 808s, and sounds from deep within our universe.” We got to chat with Les Rivera form the group about their upcoming show, how their music is Democratic, their most recent EP Buscandoand the Latino music Scene in Philly:

Rock On Philly: Are you excited for your show this Sunday at World Cafe Live?

Les Rivera: Claro que si, yes, yes, yes!!!

ROP: What are three words that best describe El Malito?

LR: Positive, partying platypus!

ROP: On your Facebook biography, it says that El Malito’s genre of music is “Democratic Party Music.” Can you elaborate on what this genre is and why you chose it?

LR: Democratic in meaning, not party affiliation per se. There are lots meanings, double meanings here. It’s democratic in that it’s open for anyone and everyone to enjoy. It’s democratic in that we hope to open conversations about political and social justice. It’s democratic in that we are open to using a variety of genres and sounds in the pursuit of individualism and fresh new ways to look, listen and experience the world.

ROP: How is the Buscando EP different and/or similar compared to Palabra?

Palabra was our first effort, recorded entirely in Philly, with our original band members, four of us. Buscando is totally different. The band is now composed of two of us and I have met producers across the pond who we work with. I’ll let the producer of Buscando, Rafael Aragon from Paris, France, explain it:

“So basically this is a transcontinental latin hip-hop album which embraces the eclectic flow of global bass movement, including influences from the Andes, the Caribbean and India… ‘el malito’ wrote some really neat and inspiring songs while I’ve been doing the instrumentals and mixing. This is some original and border-crossing music, sung in Spanish but clearly international on the beats, definitely special and worth listening!”

ROP: What is your take on the Latino music scene and diversity of different genres of music in Philly?

There is a vibrant Latino music scene in Philly of which I partake a small amount of actually. When my mom lived here she partook of it regularly. She now lives in Puerto Rico, so she’s pretty much in heaven. I’m not gonna lie to you and say I go check out all Latino things, all hip hop and electronic music things. I don’t. I mostly go to punk shows. My spirit needs punk. While ‘El Malito’ music may not sound or seem punk, I always write with a punk vibe in mind. I’m not so interested in polish and perfection, I’m more interested in moving people, whether they move and shake what their mommas and daddas gave ’em or something deep in their guts compels them to move, to take some kind of action, hopefully a positive one, that’s all ‘El Malito’ is after.

Philly has a lot going for it in music. Philly is where you work your a** off and build up the thick skin you need to go conquer the world.

Tickets for the show are still available here, and you don’t want to miss the experience that El Malito & the 33rd Century will bring! 

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