Emily King Brings Jazzy R&B to The Switch

New Yorker singer-songwriter Emily King released her second album The Switch on June 26th through Making Music Records. She has been performing tracks off the album for over a year, including during the Little Black Dress Tour when she opened for Sara Bareilles. Emily King’s husky voice is a big characteristic of hers that makes it easy to identify her voice from a crowd.


Good Friend” starts a capella with synthesizer gradually adding in under the vocals. The syncopated beats gives the song a groove that matches the feel-good vibe of the song. Emily King is definitely the type of person who you want as a friend when you’re in need of help.

Sleepwalker” is the best track on the album. Beginning with funky bass, the chorus becomes bright and sexy. There’s so much depth in the lyrics portraying lack of self-control over a bodily reaction to romance. The whisper-like vocals shine in this track, and also in “Believer,” because it adds to the mystique.

Emily King shows off her musicianship by not just packing the album with typical R&B. The smooth R&B style in “The Switch,” with unique tracks that stray from pop and more towards art-pieces like “Aya,” and jazz tracks “Out of the Clouds” and “For Them” put her apart from generic R&B artists.

Every now and then the album kicks in throwback sounds of 90’s Lauryn Hill, especially in “Already There“.

Emily King is coming to Philly on July 25th to Underground Arts. Listen to the full album to get ready for it below!

Featured Image by Wakana Narisako at Mann Center 07/2014

Album Art courtesy of the Artist

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