Girls Night Out: Christina Perri, Colbie Caillat, Vita and the Woolf Shine At The Mann

Photography by Wakana Narisako

The Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Too Tour at the Mann Center on Saturday night gradually built up excitement. Day Two of the tour opened with local duo Vita and the Woolf who filled in last minute for Rachel Platten. Lead vocalist Jen Pague has some serious pipes that resonated across the Mann stage. If the sun had been down, the setting would have been more perfect for their vibe.



Colbie Caillat casually walked onto the stage as the band played the intro to “Live It Up.” She gracefully made her way around the stage as she sang the opening track to her newest album. Her vocals seemed slightly weak, which could have been a micing issue. She grabbed her guitar for an old fan favorite, “Fallin’ For You.” Colbie Caillat created a relaxed environment that made the big venue feel like an intimate show.


For one of her recent, upbeat songs, “Blaze,” she threw on a trucker hat like she did in her music video. Her most recent album, Gypsy Heart, was a big departure from her signature mostly-acoustic style because it included tracks like “Blaze,” “Live It Up,” and “Bigger Love” that are more along the lines of pop and less adult contemporary. She makes it work without it looking like she’s trying too hard.

Everyone has heard “Lucky” at some point and when she started talking about the background of the song, audience members wondered who she’d be singing the duet with that she sang originally with Jason Mraz. Lo and behold, a video of Jason Mraz popped up, and he seemed to be performing live with her via video. Their duet was superb and memorable.

Colbie Caillat sat down at the piano with introduction on how she’s tired of the way women are edited in music. As she sang “Try,” the music video for the song showing women stripping makeup off their face played in the background. The crowd cheered as a woman removed her wig in the video. This song has become an anthem for seeing and feeling your natural beauty with over 48 million views.

She debuted a song that hasn’t been recorded yet called “Like Tomorrow Never Comes.” It came equipped with fun video narrating the lyrics in emojis. “Never Gonna Let You Down” featured a home video montage that she made with the iVideo app. Smiles were all around as footage of her many dogs played. “Favorite Song” featured Common with his tracks and visual from a video. It also called for audience participation in the chorus along with Common. The video usage enhanced the show many times and the production did a wonderful job. Colbie Caillat ended on her set with “Brighter Than The Sun.” The sun had set at this point but all eyes were on her as she lit up the stage.


Local star Christina Perri ran onto stage for “shot me in the heart” with an explosion of energy as she danced her way every which direction. Her white, sparkly dress caught all the lights and she was like a burst of radiation. Rocking out with a tambourine, she had the charisma of a natural rock star. The energy didn’t stop as she continued into “arms.” Shouting in bliss as fans sang along, she jumped up and down without ever missing a beat.


Like a true Philly native, Christina Perri urged everyone to head over to Wawa and grab a meatball hoagie and peach iced tea because she was unable to do so herself. She utilized the whole stage and the extended stage that spanned into the front part of the orchestra section for “burning gold.” Many fans didn’t realize this was happening and rushed to move their purses and beers off the ledge.

the lonely” from her 2011 album lovestrong. was dramatic and let her big voice really speak. She riled the crowd to sing along “i believe” as her way to fill up the venue with love. Happiness was at its best as she sang “be my forever” originally recorded with Ed Sheeran. Jason Mraz did not make a second appearance of the night for “distance.” That would’ve been a pretty sweet tour collaboration, but Christina Perri didn’t need any more personality on stage to make it work.

For the encore, “Jar of Hearts” and “A Thousand Years” brought the audience to their feet. These two hits put her on the map and you could feel the love that she brought to life in the audience. Christina Perri can do big, energetic songs and emotional, sensitive songs and that’s what makes her great and us Philly proud.

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