Highly Suspect Takes Us to the Asylum and Back on Mister Asylum

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Highly Suspect, a three piece band from Brooklyn, NY, make a bold statement with their new album, Mister Asylum. From the haunting “Lydia” to the driving rock tune “F*** Me Up,” the album covers a wide range of emotions and each track has a distinct message for the listener to take away from it. Shining with tracks such as the impressing “Claudeland” and the relatable “Bloodfeather,” Mister Asylum is the perfect new album for anyone to rock out to.


The title song for Mister Asylum asks the question “Hey, Mister Asylum, won’t you let me in?” over a driving guitar track. The singer is battling with his emotions and going insane, stating “I feel like I’m ready to blow,” Overall, it is a solid opening track, providing a catchy beat and relatable lyrics.

On “Lost”, the track definitely grabs your attention from the start, with a frantic guitar line and thumping bass. The singer cries out “My love has grown like a vine around my throat,” putting across the message of a lover that keeps knocking him down over and over again. The guitar on this track shines, making it a song to remember. Being the lead single off of the album, “Lydia” leaves a haunting impression on the listener. “I can’t breathe, much less believe the truth,” the singer states with a dark guitar accompaniment, a feeling that everyone can relate to. This is a song that you can rock out to, but it also has a deep meaning and doesn’t leave the listener untouched. Starting off with strong guitar, “Bath Salts” is definitely one of the standout tracks on this album. The singer wants to escape a bad high, asking “Why can’t I come down?” This song is a haunting track, painting the picture of a terrifying near death experience due to drugs. Like “Lydia,” although it has a haunting message you can easily rock out to it.

Beginning with a driving beat, “23” tells the tale of a man leaving a bad relationship, the singer stating “I’m going nowhere fast with you,” and later saying “Did I mention I’m never looking back again?” The singer’s vocals really shine on this track, his screams fitting in nicely with the heavy rhythm of the guitar.

Easily one of the most memorable tracks on the album, “Mom” tells the chilling story of a child being abandoned by his mother, the singer stating sentimentally “You kissed me on the head and left me out for dead when I was only one.” Accompanied by a pounding beat, the guitar shines during a lengthy solo which closes out the track.

With a strong drum beat to start, “Bloodfeather” tells the tale of a lovestruck man who would do anything for his lover. The chorus, beginning with “In the name of love I’ll follow you,” is not only catchy but also puts across a feeling that every listener can relate to, the feeling of being willing to do anything for the one you love.

“F*** Me Up” immediately grabs the listener’s attention with a pounding drum beat, leading into a driving guitar line. The singer growls “F*** me up, f*** me up good,” asking a girl to do just that. Although this song is the shortest on the album, it stands out and is by far one of the catchiest. Beginning with a guitar hook, “Vanity” is a great tune for rock lovers. The singer tells the story of a man trying to make a relationship work, stating “I need you here, I’ve tried and I’ll try again.” The song comes to a slow close, the singer crooning “This is not the end,” holding out hope that the relationship will work.

The album comes to a strong close with “Claudeland.” Providing catchy guitar riffs and a pounding bass line, it begins as a driving rock tune. The song is about forgetting your troubles and dancing them away, the singer saying “You’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders tonight, but it’s okay, we’re gonna get you feeling alright.” The song suddenly transitions to bluesy rock, finishing on a sustained chord. “Claudeland” is one of the strongest tracks on the album and was a wise choice the end the album with.

Overall, I rate Highly Suspect’s newest effort as quite a strong as any other, and we’re excited for what else is to come. Pick up a copy of Mister Asylum here, and listen to the full album below!

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