Meet Our Artist of the Month: Graham Alexander

From the Broadway stage to Philadelphia music venues, Graham Alexander is a passionate performer, earning him the title of Rock On Philly‘s July Artist of the Month. Coming off of his jazzy, energetic new album Repeat Deceiver, Graham Alexander combines his expert stage presence with catchy and impressive vocals. Later this summer, stay tuned for the release of the next single “Romeo Blue” and its accompanying music video, and check out Graham’s show on August 14th at the Sellersville Theatre. In the meantime, take a look at what the veteran musician had to say after he was voted Rock On Philly Artist of the Month.
Rock On Philly: You formed your band when you were still a teenager – how did you know you were passionate about music from such a young age?
Graham Alexander: Nothing else really made me feel like I was here. I had no hope invested in anything else and when music hit me – and the urge to play it- everything clicked! And it’s a fire that never weakened. Sometimes I wish it would – but it’s more like breathing for me at this point, so that wouldn’t be good.
ROP: Your band has been together for fifteen years – what do you think is the key to keeping a band together for that long?
GA: Well, the #1 in keeping a band going that long is continuously doing things – and #2 is not hating each other entirely. I say entirely because I’m sure Hall & Oates could attest to despising each other sometimes… But ultimately, your love keeps a band together – and usually just a love of music – if not anything else.
 ROP: Besides touring with your band and writing/producing your music, you’ve also appeared on Broadway. How would you compare performing in theatre productions to performing with a band? Do you prefer one over the other?
 GA: I would say they are both the same thing – a band is just a different musical to me – and a Broadway show is just a different band. For me, I tend to like things a bit plotted out – choreographed, blocked etc., and while it’s much more loosely in a band setting than on Broadway, it’s still the same concept with a different face. While I love Broadway, I’d rather be playing and singing than dancing… But for the most part I think of them similarly. The experience of Broadway made me a better showman, or at least a more comfortable one.
ROP: What do you think is the most important thing that you’ve learned about performing over the years?
 GA: No matter what kind of night you’re having, someone has spent their last dime to come see you. They may have nothing left in their bank accounts. This may be the only night out they have. They may be bringing their child or significant other, and that ticket money is all they have to show them they care – so don’t embarrass them by not being on the A-game, entertainment wise. You may be feeling terrible, but at all costs, entertain. Feeling sick? Better make more of a show to compensate.
ROP: How would you describe the Philadelphia music scene? What do you like most about the city?
GA: Philadelphia is a unique scene – we don’t fit in with any specific genre. In fact, it’s harder and harder to define what kind of music is coming out of the scene because it’s from so many influences. I’m happy with the state music has been going in in general, and the Philadelphia scene is no exception. I do, however, fear too many conglomerate owned and operated mid-size venues – not that I fear the company that owns them, but I would like sustainability for the scene, which I’m sure is something that has already been taken into account. Don’t mind me – I’m just a clam!
ROP: Are there any up-and-coming musicians in Philadelphia that you think we should keep an eye on?
 GA: Solus Rex! Love their last full-length record.
ROP: What was the last album you listened to?
 Want more from our July Artist of the Month? Check out Graham Alexander’s video for “She’s A Chameleon” from Repeat Deceiver below.

Photos courtesy of the artist.

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