Monday Playlist: Founding Fathers Mix!

If our Founding Fathers had a band, it would be inspired by this rocking playlist! At the time of the American Revolution, our forefathers were intelligent, young, and rebellious… which only means one thing: punk rock! The perfect mix of angsty music for the anarchist within would be inspiring for some rebels while starting their own government, don’t you think?

Now, I know all of the U.K. bands may seem like a conflict of interest, but the English punk scene would have been right up our Founding Fathers’ ally…

Just take it from The Clash!

The anarchy is palpable in this one by Sex Pistols

The hardworking fathers of democracy deserve a happy break after all of the plotting, the throwing of tea, and legislating…

Possible inspiration for “No Taxation without Representation”? I think so.

…and finally a live video from one of the greats…

Listen to the whole playlist below!

Featured Image by Marion Doss via Flickr

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