RECphilly and Veteran Freshman’s KickBack Live Takes Over TLA This Saturday 7/11!

Rock On Philly had the chance to chat up the best and up-and-coming in Philly’s hip-hop and R&B scene performing THIS SATURDAY July 11th at TLA for KickBack Live with Peedi Crakk, presented by RECphilly and Veteran Freshman!

We asked the group: What can the audience expect from your music and your performance at KickBack Live?

Starting from an early age, Philly-native Solis started singing when she was eleven and can’t wait to be on stage. “It’s my at-home place,” she says. “I want the audience to experience what I feel and for them to get to know me as a person.”Solis


Joie Kathos (West Philly, born-and-raised) is a bit more existential, wanting to connect with fans on a deeper, more transcendental level, saying: “I want the audience to feel empowered with a sense of urgency to change our world. Making a difference as a rapper, as a person is important. I want to inspire people to feel different and look at the world differently. That’s what sets me apart from others–I’m for humanity. I feel like if I don’t do it, who else would?” Joie Kathos


Guy Harrison, from Syracuse, shares that call to action, saying: “I want them to be inspired to do what they have to do. I see a lot of people who just get jobs and don’t want to do what makes them feel good–I want people to pursue their dreams and not be displaced on a to-do list. Most importantly, I want them to have a good time, feel inspired, and do what they set their heart to.”Guy Harrison


Cain Kerner, another Philly native, wants the audience to see “a reflection and a piece of themselves reflected in my music. I want them to experience what I feel and see something they like or even don’t like–I want to connect on a different realm.”Cain Kerner


Mike Burns, another proud Philly native, is also excited to see everyone perform, and for the audience to see, “what I’m meant to do. My music has a feel-good vibe and I want the audience to keep rocking to it.”Mike Burns


Bok Nero says he’s excited to see “how the crowd responds to all the music…I want them to appreciate the time and effort I put into my music, my performance, and for everyone to leave better than they came in.” Bok Nero


Pharaoh Dinero wants to make an impression. “I want them to see that anything is possible, as God is showed it to be and live life to the absolute fullest. Dreaming is reality–it just hasn’t happened yet.” Pharaoh Dinero


Get tickets and more info for this sure-to-be spectacular event here! Who are you most excited to see?  Tell us in the comments below!

KBL Group Flyer

Photography by Louis Peluyera, William Toms, and Nimar Nurse, used with permission

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