Seizing the Day with Cory Wade: Rock On Philly gets a sneak peak of “Carpé Diem!”

Photo Credit: Robert Carter

You may know Cory Wade from the 20th Cycle of America’s Next Top Model, where he was a fan favorite and the first openly gay male contestant. What you may not know about this talented Philly native is that he’s also a singer with a background in musical theater, having played Angel Dumott Shunard in numerous Equity productions of RENT. While Cory’s modeling career continues to skyrocket, he has not forgotten his musical roots and is currently recording new music. We got the chance to catch up with him at Spruce Street Harbor Park on Sunday to chat about his soon to be released single, “Carpé Diem.”


ROP: So what’s the  inspiration behind “Carpé Diem?”

I was wasting a lot of my time in fear and I was letting that fear get in the way of my ability to achieve success on my own terms. Fear is so debilitating if you let it control your life. I’m at the point now where I really want to take every moment and get as much out of each moment as I can. In order to do that, I need to take that fear and cast it away. “Carpé Diem” is my anthem for overcoming fear by being brave, confident and fierce. Fiercely fearless!

Cory Wade at Spruce Street Harbor Park


ROP: Who produced it?

It was produced by a friend of mine, Erik Scattareggia, that played in the wedding band I used to perform in for years. He is incredible. Not only is he a brilliant producer but he also plays live drums in my band and will be performing with me on August 8th at Voyeur Nightclub for the Boys of Summer Party.


ROP: What three artists helped inspire “Carpé Diem?”

When I wrote that song, I was listening to a lot of Jamiroquai, a lot of funk. A lot of Macy Gray. I love Macy Gray. She has this sassy disposition about everything and I want that to come through in my music- that I’m too fierce to be bothered. You get a lot of that in “Carpé Diem” and a lot of the stuff that’s coming after it. I also love David Bowie and he’s more of a style reference but I adore him. I’m obsessed with fashion and that inspires my music, too.


ROP: How do you “seize the day?”

I seize the day by doing what I want every single day. I don’t listen when people tell me I shouldn’t wear a certain thing because of what’s between my legs. I don’t listen when people tell me I shouldn’t do music because I’m known as a fashion model. I do what I want and I get the most out of life that way. If everyone just let go of that fear and did what they wanted to without regard for what people expected them to do, they’d be so much happier. So I seize the day by doing whatever the bleep I want!


ROP: What are your favorite things about Philly in the summertime?

I love Philly in the summer because it’s an easy city. It’s not high intensity like LA or New York- it’s more relaxed. I like to take time away from work and chill and not worry about the outside noise. Philly is my guru place- it’s my hometown, my love. I also love Spruce Street Harbor. I’m so glad we’re adding new fun things to the city. We need to vamp it up. When people think of Philly they think of cheesesteaks, pretzels, and sports, and we’re so much more than that. We’re such an art city and our underground arts scene is sick. I love that we’re adding pop-up beer gardens everywhere and doing stuff like this.


Cory’s single, “Carpé Diem,” will be available on iTunes on July 21st, 2015 but you can get a sneak peak of the tune below!




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