What It Was Like Attending Colbie Caillat’s Studio Session at Mix Philadelphia

Featured Image by WISX/Tricia Gdowik

On a rainy, Wednesday morning, I got up after only three hours of sleep to drive over to Bala Cynwyd to see Colbie Caillat perform in a short studio session at Mix Philadelphia. The show would be streamed live on iHeartRadio to viewers all over the country. As I strolled into the lobby of the radio station, there was a clump of fashionable young girls and their moms huddled with Colbie Caillat merch fully prepared for the meet-and-greet.

As the studio filled with 20 or so fans, radio show host Brian Soscia prepped us on the rules of the studio while Colbie Caillat prepared to make her appearance. She walked into the intimate room casually with her guitarist and was interviewed by the host about her recent engagement and successes building up to her current career.

Never Gonna Let You Down” was up first. This simple version works so well with the song because of its closeness. Compared to the performance of this song from the previous Saturday at the Mann, this song was just as lively as it was with drums and the whole package.



Photo by Wakana Narisako

Colbie Caillat is an awesome role model for young people everywhere, and one of her latest singles “Try” that she performed captures that. She sat down at the keyboard with sincerity as she played the song.

She ended the short and sweet studio session with “Brighter Than The Sun” from her 2011 album All of You. This performance made the miserable weather go away for a short moment with the liveliness that came from just one guitar and vocalist.

After the studio session came the photo op, and I was able to observe all the fans in bliss as they met Colbie Caillat because I was last in line. I was jittery because of my lack of sleep, and by the time I got up to meet her, I was a little shaky. The result was the most awkward meet-and-greet on my part and a weird twitch in my face in the photo. Still, this was the best studio session I have seen yet.

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