X Ambassadors Hit Hard and Relive Memories with VHS

The first things that comes to my mind when I hear the phrase “VHS” are Space Jam (I had this masterpiece on tape), 90s exercise videos (my mom had some that were, and still are, hilarious), and home videos. These tapes were, at the time, the only way for people to capture pivotal moments in not only someone’s life, but sometimes a family’s as well. X Ambassadors, consisting of brothers Sam and Casey Harris along with best friends Noah Feldshuh and Adam Levin, can be seen as a family, especially with the way they united to create their debut album VHSThe album, which was released through Interscope and KIDinaKORNER records, is full of catchy, hard-hitting tracks that seem to be inspired by not only Indie Rock, but by R&B, Soul, and a bit of Hip Hop as well.


It seems apparent that the order of the album was put together with some thought because it follows the timeline of the members growing up, with interludes interwoven throughout the album that start and end with the sound of a tape starting up and include actual scenes from some of the band members’ home movies, from a significant moving day to the first time smoking. It’s a really cool effect that adds even more nostalgia to the album. Many of the tracks were very anthem-like and fist-pump inducing, especially tracks like the single “Renegades” (You can’t go wrong with lyrics like these: “Long live the pioneers/Rebels and mutineers/Go forth and have no fear/Come close and lend an ear) and “Jungle” (Queen’s “We Will Rock You” comes to mind when I hear this song), but also stick to the time-capsule theme.

In addition to the amazing beats and production of the album, the lyrics were ridiculously catchy. They sometimes sound like lyrics form other pop songs, but they’re forward and honest, especially in the song “Naked,” where lead singer Sam Harris declares that he wants to be completely upfront and open with their significant other. “Fear” is another favorite, not only because of the fact that label-mates Imagine Dragons are featured in this song and mesh so well with X Ambassadors’ sound, but the scatty background just completes this high-energy track.

Overall, although VHS has some slightly generic songs, it really encompasses the talent that’s behind this up-and-coming band. This album proves, all in all, that they’re definitely not just some band that has a song featured in a Jeep commercial. They’re so much more.

Listen to VHS below! What did you think of X Ambassadors’ debut? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Image by rufus via Flickr

Album Art courtesy of the Artist

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