Years & Years Takes Us To New Heights With Communion

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Home to London, electronica band Years & Years just released their newest album Communion. Including hit song, “King” the album is filled with songs that sound similar to some of the biggest selling musicians of this generation. With a mixture of sounds similar to that of Justin Bieber, Enrique Iglesias, The Weeknd, Jason Derulo, Calvin Harris and more, the album sounds like it will be taking over night clubs all over the world.


First track, “Foundation” introduces us to the album. With no tempo, the song starts the album off with only synth sounds and powerful vocals from lead singer Olly Alexander. The song will not have you tapping your toe to the beat, because the beat is nonexistent. It’s an interesting way to start an album…especially one that falls in the synth pop/electronica genre. The next two tracks play through, but it’s hard to see where they stop and where they begin again. The music doesn’t seem to change much, and everything sounds like it could be the same track, like a river flowing into tributaries.

Don’t worry though, with that being said, track four is a little more up-beat… since it includes a beat at all. It sounds like something that Sean Paul would produce, or another one of those Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull collaborations… without the fast rapping. It’s a great dancey tune for a Friday night at the bar, or on the road to your favorite weekend hang-out.

Track 8, “King” is one of the songs that really seems to have a Calvin Harris and The Weeknd influence. With Alexander using his higher range, the harmonies kick in and dig in deep to your ear drums. If you’re looking for something to really dance to, this is the track you want to skip to. If you’re in the mood for something a little more low-key and romantic skip to track 11, “Without.” This one is slow, and a little softer than the one prior. With prominent vocals, the synth fits perfectly in the background. With lyrics like “You can’t hate me now, cause I’ll be gone and I’ll be with you or without,” it’s nearly impossible not to relate it to a situation in your own life. This one really tugs on the heartstrings.

Years & Years ends their new release with a song called “Memo.” Starting off with the sound of a piano differentiates this track from the rest. The use of echoes, and different synth combinations gives this track a sound unlike the rest of the album. Heart-wrenching lyrics like “I want you to stay, and if I try my hardest with you look my way,” really allows you to hear and feel the hurt that went into writing and producing this song. A great ending to a wonderful new album.

Check out Years & Years album below and pick up a copy here

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