Alessandro Cortini Crafts Discreet Electronica on Risveglio

Featured Image by swimfinfan via Flickr

Alessandro Cortini recently released Risveglio, an obscure and textural electronic album that was written and recorded while on tour. Cortini’s career in electronic music is impressive, and includes recording and touring as a member of Nine Inch Nails, forming electronic band Modwheelmood, releasing solo albums under the moniker SONOIO, and now producing work under his own name. The third release as himself, Risveglio, is what should be expected from a musician who is obsessed with designing ambiance and haunting loops with the use of modular synthesizers, MIDI controllers, and extensive sound manipulation.

Risveglio works in elements of industrial music, while remaining minimalistic and melodic from front to back. By using only a few instruments, Cortini keeps the focus on the mood that the tones create, rather than letting the endless possibilities of those instruments get out of hand. He delicately controls the synthesizers and sounds, and intertwining them in a way that often stirs up imagery of a futuristic dystopia, like something you’d see in Blade Runner. Melodic, droning loops are created with synthesizers and reverb, and are built upon with more distinct thuds of electronic noise. “Rispetto” initially immerses you in a cyclical drum beat and static, while beeping tones and soft, echoing hits result in a submarine atmosphere. “La Guardia” is one of the more dynamic pieces on the album, it is a steady climb from an increasingly loud, pulsing synthesizer into buzzing texture of turbulence that seamlessly fades into silence. “Ricadere” uses silence most effectively, electronic sounds bump together and cut out sporadically as darker tones create dramatic textures.

Risveglio is an entrancing album that will draw you in and get you lost in its obscurity. Cortini’s minimalistic mindset, and thorough understanding of his complicated analog and digital gear, results in sounds that are discreetly experimental. The way he gently maneuvers those electronic sounds into a polished tangle of melodies makes the album a solemn listen, and one that is as musically interesting as it is mentally stimulating.

Stream Risveglio below, and pick up a copy via Hospital Productions here.


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