Best of the B-Sides: “Now I’m All Messed Up”

Tegan and Sara‘s latest album Heartthrob released on January 19th, 2013 by Warner Bros. Records caught the attention of music lovers with hits like “Closer” and “I Was a Fool.” While “Closer” is a fun, energetic love song, many tracks on the album describe heartbreak and pain.

Now I’m All Messed Up” is simple, yet heavily emotional. The keyboard entrance has a twinge of melancholy, and right off the bat something is off. This is about a relationship where it is dominated by one person who inflicts emotional abuse on the other by constantly leaving and coming back. Once stuck in a cycle, this habit is hard to break, especially when that abusive person meant so much. The vocals that start lower and grow to angry shouting to reflect the pain of the lyrics.

The hollowness of the echoes make the song even more lonely. The harmony is like a shadow of the melody in a dark, delicate way. The ending of the song shows conflicting emotions as one says “Go if you want” and the other begs “Please stay.” If this isn’t the sound of complications involved in a troubling relationship, I don’t know what is.

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