Countdown to Hollystock 2015: Andorra Shares Some of Their Favorite Tunes!

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Andorra has been taking Philly and beyond by storm! After taking our breath away at Radio 104.5’s Birthday Show back in May, the band is back and ready for more! In preparation for Hollystock Music and Arts Festival 2015, the members Kevin McCall, Sam Carlen, Michael Trycieckyj, and Jordan Petrellis took some time to answer our questions and even made a playlist to share some of their favorite artists that they think we should be listening to.

Rock On Philly: What can we expect from your set at Hollystock 2015?

Andorra: August 8th at Hollystock is going to be a crazy day! We are actually playing two festivals this day. We are most likely going to be hitting the stage around 12. Hopefully, you’ll hear a new song or two as we’ve been getting anxious about performing our new stuff. We’ll be heading over to Jerry Ryan’s Elephant Indie Fest afterwards at the Bone Yard in AC for our second set of the day. All in all, it’s going to be a fun, long day. Really looking forward to meeting Nick Perry of Mount Holly and formerly of Shinedown. He’s a close family friend that [we] haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet so, this will be cool. We are honored to be a part of this new festival. It’s going to be a great time and we encourage everyone to check it out. The lineup is awesome. See you there! 

Check out Andorra’s new music video for their song “6 AM” below!

Here are their picks!

Sonnder, “Thief” 

Necessarily quoting Step Brothers here:
– “Did we just become best friends?”
…This basically sums up Sonnder and Andorra’s relationship. Never met before playing this house show in Wyndmoor, but we hit it off right away. Totally became besties and have been playing a bunch of shows together ever since. “Thief” is too catchy. Check it out.–Kevin

Backroom Dreamers, “Preach It”

Super cool pop/rock electronic duo soon to be our roommates! Met these Muse-loving dudes through school and we’ve been listening to this a butt-load. Our fave song from the EP. Love the vocal switch-offs from verse to chorus.–Sam

The Escape, “Soon Forgotten”

Long story, but our drummer, Jordan… his older brother… Joe, introduced us to this band via MySpace when that was still a thing. In fact, the drummer of the Escape, Mike Weiser, recorded Joe’s band’s music at one point. Things kind of came full circle when Weiser produced our full length album etc, etc, etc…. Steve Angello, the singer, even sang a duet with Kevin on a song. Dudes really gave us our first real musical experiences. Always gotta support their stuff! –Michael

RFA, “Freaking Out”

Haven’t gotten to play as many shows or even hang with RFA as much as we would have liked. One time, we went to a DRGN KING concert and I cracked my iPhone… but that’s it! This is us confessing our love to RFA. LET’S RELEASE ANOTHER SPLIT TOGETHER. <3 I’m always whistling this tune.–Kevin

Anthony Piergiovanni, “Something Missing”

Had to put our buddy Anthony on here. We played shows with his band Egocentric Plastic Men a bunch and he even played in Andorra for a while. Now, he’s off doing his own thing. Perfect breakup song.–Jordan

Tunji, “Day2Day”

Went to high school with this guy! Always fell asleep in chorus class, but what a beautiful tenor. For Drake and Kid Cudi lovers, check out Tunji. Super chill, humble dude.–Michael

Mother, “Hunter & the Deer”

Some more friends from school. Peep this tune. Dazed and confused vibe. These guys are always hosting awesome shows at Venue Boy. Check it out!–Sam

Seoul Delhi, “Fear”

Can’t help but not melt when hearing this song. Like every Seoul Delhi song, so much thought goes into every part. This new song is fantastic and we can’t wait for the new album. August 21, baby!–Kevin

Make sure to catch Andorra’s set at Hollystock at 12pm on Saturday, August 8th!

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