Countdown to Hollystock 2015: John Faye Gives a Glimpse of His Favorite Music

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Hollystock is just days away, showcasing the best artists in the tri-state area on this Saturday, August 8th. After performing at the Radio 104.5 Block Party with bands like The War On Drugs and MS MR,  John Faye & Those Meddling Kids are gearing up to share a set of their smooth blues rock at Hollystock. In the meantime, we asked the two-decade veteran of the Philly scene John Faye about this upcoming festival, and he even shared a playlist of his favorite Philly artists with us!

Rock On Philly: What/who are you most excited to see at the festival? What can we expect from your set?

John Faye: It’s impossible to pick just one band I’m excited to see. What Hollystock has come to represent is almost like a giant family reunion of bands from the Philly/SNJ scene. It’s an event that really makes you feel part of a community. As for John Faye & Those Meddling Kids’ set, we’re going to do the majority of my upcoming solo album Meddling Kid and I’m bringing my full 6-person line-up with Steven LaFashia and Joey DiTullio on lead guitars, Mike O’Brien on bass, Katie McCorry on vocals and Josh Mayer sitting in on drums. I’m super-excited!

Now, check out John Faye’s favorite Philly artists down below!

 Solus Rex, “Smoke Signals”

These guys are utterly tremendous songwriters and musicians. I’d have to say they are my favorite up and coming band in terms of song craft and smart, heartfelt writing. Listen to this now!

The Captain ~ The Pilot ~ The Driver, “Headache”

Paul Hocynec is one of the most underrated songwriters and one of the biggest supports in the scene, but he’s starting to get his due. This is a live clip from his first full-band show at Johnny Brenda’s this past spring.

Molly Rhythm, “Badge For A Cape”

Hands down, one of the most fun live bands on the planet. They kind of channel a lot of my favorite things about 90’s music (like Letter To Cleo and old school No Doubt), all while being very in the now.

 Joey DiTullio, “My Friends And I”

Joey is a force of nature. You could call him a prodigy even. He can demolish any guitar part you hand him (as he does often as one of the lead guitarists in John Faye & Those Meddling Kids), but the bottom line about Joey is that he’s got songs and this is one of his best.

Dr. Beardface, “Badlands”

My old bandmate from IKE has done quite well for himself as a solo artist and this great song finally got him the love he deserves from XPN.

Kelly Plante, “Unpredictable”

This Drexel grad has got pipes for days and her writing is top notch as well. Her “Ooh La La” EP is killer top to bottom.

Call Me Lemon, “Mine”

Josh Mayer can play anything. He’s been a fill-in drummer for John Faye & Those Meddling Kids but his main passion is as a singer-songwriter and this song is as good as that genre gets in my humble opinion.

Still want more? Check out the video for John Faye’s most recent single “DNA” below. Be sure to catch John Faye & Those Meddling Kids at Hollystock on the Lucas Auto Group Stage at 7:45pm!

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