Countdown to Hollystock 2015: Soraia Introduces You to Their Favorite Artists

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Soraia are reviving classic punk rock with their edgy melodies and vocals up to par with icons Joan Jett and Debbie Harry. The group has received wide acclaim for their cover of The Kinks’ “(I’m Not) Like Everybody Else,” with recognition as one of the coolest tracks of the year by SiriusXM channel Little Steven’s Underground Garage and rock legends, such as Michael Des Barres of Power Station. Soraia is back at it with a new single underway and a highly anticipated performance at the upcoming Hollystock Music and Arts Festival 2015. Frontwoman ZouZou Mansour and bassist Travis Smith took some time to speak to us about the upcoming festival and share some of their favorite tracks.

Rock On Philly: What can we expect from your set at Hollystock 2015?

Travis: What to expect from Hollystock: lots of great live music, local vendors, good food and a beer garden with a stage in it.  What to expect from Soraia at Hollystock: lots of sweat and noise and flailing, and attempting to suppress ourselves in an effort to pass as family-friendly.

ROP: What are you most excited for at the Festival

TS: There’s a great lineup of bands and artists, and it’s a good time to reconnect, see each other perform, and hang out with friends.  Also, last year there was free pizza in the green room area.

Check out Soraia’s acclaimed cover below!

Last, but not least- here are their rocking playlists!


Thee Oh Sees, “Turned Out Light”

A brand new one from these guys, they never disappoint.  John Dwyer is my spirit animal.

Fly Golden Eagle, “Stepping Stone”

I heard this on WXPN recently, and I had to hear more of it.  Great tune, great attitude, sounds like it could be from 1976.

The Murlocs, “Space Cadet”

I only recently discovered the Murlocs, but I like them alot.  I don’t know what it is about all these Australian bands lately, but they’re great.  Also I was going to compare this vocalist’s voice to Wanda Jackson or Betty Quaid, but I just found out it’s a dude.  Mind = Blown.

The Frowning Clouds, “All Night Long”

One of those tunes that could pass for being recorded by teenagers in someone’s garage in 1966.  I mean that in a good way.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, “Sleepwalker”

Another weird one from Australia.  Nice melody and harmonies, and just a little strange.

The Love Me Nots, “Don’t Let Him”

Oh man, that riff though.  The LMN’s are pals of ours, but I personally started out as a fan first before we ever met them.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Wavves, “King of the Beach”

Ah, could you ask for a better summer theme song?  No, no you could not.

Bass Drum Of Death, “Nerve Jamming”

Man, I saw these two open up for someone a couple years ago, but I can’t for the life of me remember who.  Anyway, I listen to them real loud in the car and pump my fist out the window.

Jeff The Brotherhood, “Staring at the Wall”

These guys kind of evoke that 70’s dirtbag thing, and for some reason I dig it.

 Deerhunter, “Dream Captain”

What a good band.  This song is all about that distressed vocal and the jingle bells.

Black Lips, “Smiling”

Such an upbeat and fun tune about being arrested and having to ask your mom to bail you out.



Brenda Lee, “Is it True?”

Greatest, toughest, most authoritative Brenda Lee song [that] I’ve heard to date.

The Flirtations, “Nothing But a Heartache”

The melody and rhythm and repetition are like ear candy I can’t get enough of.

Detroit Cobras, “Cha Cha Twist”

Just a fun, fun song by a singer with a smooth, soulful voice—unique voice and attitude!

Make sure to check out Soraia at Hollystock on Saturday, August 8 at 8:45pm, and listen to their track “Love Like Voodoo” below!

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  1. Mike Barnett

    August 6, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    If you’ve never seen or heard Soraia, you are missing something seriously big in today’s music scene. Their CD “In The Valley Of Love And Guns” is the only music I’ve EVER played for the first time in my car that was so intense I had to pull over so as to give it my full attention (and not wrap myself around a tree!). Everything from Zou Zou’s vocals to each and every musician and the tracks they laid down, this band is the real deal. Check ’em out!

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