Happy Hollystock 2015! Cold Roses Pick Your Best Music

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The day is finally here! Let’s kick off Hollystock 2015 right with Philly’s own Cold Roses! The band has been heating up the airwaves with their latest and greatest and, most recently, performed at this year’s MMRBQ. Lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Rob Clancy from the Hollystock-veteran sextet answered our burning questions and, most importantly, gave us the run-down of what we should be listening to, which includes their latest single “Tired of Losing You” below!

Rock On Philly: What can we expect from your set at Hollystock and what are you most excited for?
Rob Clancy: This will be our third year at Hollystock and every year has topped the one before it, so I’m sure 2015 will be nothing short of awesome.  It’s always exciting to be in an environment of music lovers.  We’re all really looking forward to the lineup this year, lots of bands we want to check out, and a lot of bands we haven’t seen in awhile.  As far as our set goes, we’re leaving for LA next week and won’t be playing back in the area for awhile, so we want to pull out all the stops before we go.

And, we shall certainly be witness to that! Check out Rob’s picks below!

1. Rival Sons, “Electric Man”


These guys have started to become one of my favorite bands out there.  We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them at the Susquehanna Bank Center back in May during the MMRBQ.  Such an incredible sound.  They’re taking a lot of that 70’s swagger and putting a new spin on it.  Definitely check out their full catalog.

2. The War on Drugs, “Under The Pressure”

I think everybody in Philly listened to this record last year.  Clearly a lot of other people did too, as they just got signed to Atlantic.  The whole record is great, but this opening track is particularly awesome.  Roll the windows down and drive fast.

3. Levee Drivers, “Tennessee Girl”

Levee Drivers were already making waves on the Philly scene as we were coming up into it, and still continue to do that.  We’ve always been big fans of theirs.  We covered this song for a Philly Sings Philly showcase last year, with some of the members in attendance.  That was a bit nerve-racking.  When I hear this song, I don’t know whether I want to dance like nobody’s watching or, rob a bank.  Another good fast-driving song.

4. Tom Waits, “I Don’t Want To Grow Up”

I mean, Tom Waits needs no introduction.  He has written some of the greatest music ever made, and yet there are still plenty of people who don’t know who he is.  The melody in this song is beautiful, but the delivery is incomparable.  This song will still have relevance in my life, even if I live to be 90.

5. The Rivals, “Zydeco”

Unfortunately these guys from Philly split up a few months ago, but luckily you can still enjoy their music online.  We had a random show with them a few years back, and were fans ever since.  Great songwriting and musicianship, not to mention they threw really good house parties.  A few of them have embarked on other own endeavors, definitely look them up and check them out.

6. Song Dogs, “Forevermore”

Another awesome Philly band.  Love getting the chance to play with them.  They have a very inviting, harmonious vibe to them, and that radiates when you see them live.  Watching them is like watching a close family play music together, and you want to be part of it.  They just released their album, “Heartlands” and it’s great, especially this track.

7. Little Willie John, “I’m Shakin”

Jack White did a solid cover of this, but nothing beats the original.  The drum groove and horn line makes your head spin, and no two measures feel the same.  The vocals are sweetly tantalizing, and the instrumentals seem almost sinister.  This is what I imagine a James Brown exorcism would be like.

8. John Lennon, “Well, Well, Well”

Except for the teeny-boppers of the Twitter-verse, everyone knows John Lennon but, not everyone knows this song.  This was from his first solo record after the Beatles breakup, and it’s one of my favorites.  Such a raw, primal sound.  It was punk before there was punk.  Just a trio of John, Klaus Voormann, and Ringo laying down a super heavy groove.  We recorded a cover of this for the anniversary of John Lennon’s death last year.

9. The Ronettes, “Be My Baby”

This song just started playing on my Spotify so, I figured ‘why not.’  A shining example of that Spector “Wall of Sound”.  Also, here’s some fun facts: Sonny and Cher sing backups on this track (well, before any skiing mishaps…) and Leon Russell is on piano (or, one of the pianos, at least). Brian Wilson immediately wrote, “Don’t Worry Baby” after hearing it, so…come on now.

10. Gary Clark Jr., “Numb”

We played a show at Dave & Buster’s Dockside a few years ago while the Roots Picnic was going on right across the street.  After we got off stage, we could hear his set almost as if we were in the audience and it was explosive.  The guitar riff is like a heavier version of “Come Together,” but then the song transforms into something all its own.  Did I mention this dude is a ridiculous guitar player?  Yeah, there’s that too.

Catch Cold Roses’ set at Hollystock 2015 on the Lucas Auto Group Stage at 9:45pm! See you on the festival grounds!

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