Hollystock 2015: Best Moments from Kid Felix, Soraia, Nik Greeley, and More!

Photography by Samantha Sweeney and Wakana Narisako

On Saturday, the Philadelphia and South Jersey music community came together in a fantastic display of support and brotherly love. Three stages set at varying points along the quaint, self-described ‘main street’ town housed brilliant talent from around the region. We took all of that, and narrowed down all the awesome-ness just for you, for the best moments from Hollystock 2015!

6. The Burgeoning‘s seamless cover of “Message in a Bottle“!


The quartet was a surprising hit. They seamlessly slid in the Police’s classic tune into their already-awesome set with no introduction, no fanfare. They made the track their own while I started to laugh and sing along as I photographed!

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5. Rusted Root’s Michael Glabicki’s Little Friend!


Throughout the set, Mike Glabicki’s pint-sized tambourine player danced and grooved to the Rusted Roots’ vocalist’s tunes. Glabicki noticed, and invited him on stage! So cute!

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 4. Nik Greeley‘s Dance Party!


This is what happens when a half-joke goes awry. Nik Greeley joked that there were a lot of people on stage (as he had a few members of Cold Roses up there)…and the crowd took him seriously! Greeley took it in stride as Mike Glabicki’s tambourine player made a second appearance, with a few more guests.

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3. Bianca Ryan‘s big and beautiful voice!


The America’s Got Talent winner and Philly native clearly showed the talent in her set. The first winner of the show gave it her all despite sound mishaps in the beginning. Her dynamic range and soulful voice will certainly carry her wherever she decides to go!

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2. Kid Felix‘s transcending cover of “Dancing On My Own”!


As a Sia fan, I have some expectations…and Kid Felix not only blew me away with this cover, but their entire set was incredible. Frontman Jake Falana has an infectious star quality not seen in many acts to date, and didn’t even change any lyrics!

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1. Soraia‘s Off-Stage Rock Out!


If there was a moment not to miss at Hollystock 2015, it was definitely when Soraia frontwoman ZouZou Mansour hopped off the stage (IN FRINGE STILETTO BOOTS!) to rock out with the crowd. At one point, she commandeered a bystander’s lawnchair…and finished out the track in front of the stage. Her powerful voice and stage presence made their set dynamic and memorable.

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What was YOUR favorite moment from Hollystock 2015?  Tell us in the comments below!

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