Life of Dillon Brings Energy to Festival Pier

Photography by Stephanie DeFeo

As young fans lined up outside of Festival Pier for Meghan Trainor‘s M Train Tour, I got a chance to go on British rock band Life of Dillon‘s tour bus and get a quick interview in before their set.

Life of Dillon consists of brothers Rob and Joe Griffith, and their lifelong best friend David Keiffer. They came into the music scene with their breakout single “Overload” which you’ve probably already heard. Their music is free-spirited, energetic, and charming.

Rock On Philly: Hi, thanks guys for taking time before your set to talk to us! So, your band name comes from a traveler named Dillon that you met during a vacation? Have you seen him since and does he know how far you guys have come?

Joe Griffith: I don’t think he knows. It was more of a random encounter. You meet so many people while traveling, especially on holiday. Foreigners always talk to each other. When we went back to England, we were trying to figure out if we were going to be a band. We had been living at our mum’s house and she basically said be successful by the end of the summer or do something else. None of our friends had even heard us sing because we were always writers and writers don’t always share their music and it’s all very confidential. We decided wanted to share our music but rather than put our face on it, we wanted the music to speak for itself. So we started brainstorming for a name and we liked that lifestyle of Dillon and wanted to include that in our music.

David Keiffer: Like Life of Riley. The carefree, do-as-you-like kind of attitude.

JG: Yeah, we didn’t want to have to have a boring job and really wanted this to happen.

ROP: That’s awesome! You guys were present at Times Square recently for the premier of your music video for “Dreams.” How was that like for you guys?

RG: I filmed the whole thing. I had one finger up at the screen the whole time like “That’s me, that’s me!” It was really cool. A few people showed up to see it. We had a competition so we had people come over and hang out with us.

JG: Right before it showed, we went into Vevo and did an interview with them and it was all a great experience. Nobody expects to see their face on a big screen in Times Square. I guess for the people outside looking it feels normal, but to us, we feel normal and to see our video was very surreal.

DK: It was great. We performed a short set and, then, the video came on and it was surreal.

ROP: Must’ve been a treat for the tourists who didn’t know what was going on! You guys were recently on The Late Late Show With James Corden. What was that experience like?

DK: That was amazing.

RG: They filmed all the interviews backstage and stuff and there’s TVs backstage where you can watch all the cameras. Just to be in the same place as famous people was great. I think Judd Apatow was there.

JG: That girl from How I Met Your Mother. Everyone there was funny. Just to meet these guys–they’re amazing people! With the cameras and TVs backstage, you can see everything happening on stage and, when they come backstage, we see ourselves on the screen at the same time as they do the interviews. I was watching myself on TV while we were being interviewed.

ROP: Like Inception?

JG: Yeah, just like that.

ROP: Have you guys ever been to Philly before? Have you had time to look around the city yet?

DK: No, it’s our first time. We had a couple days off so we had a couple Philly cheesesteaks, about 4 or 5.

JG: We went to an arcade yesterday. Dave and Busters. And we hit up a few bars.

ROP: I hope you guys have a great rest of the stay and have fun on stage!


Life of Dillon came on stage for their opening set and guitarist David Keiffer was wearing our very own Rock On Philly shirt we gave him after the interview. Very cool.

Their set consisted of songs off their latest EP Prologue. They did a brief cover of Hozier‘s “Take Me To Church,” which was amazing and Joe Griffith’s smooth vocals had moms crooning along. The moms behind me, however, could not figure out who sang the song originally and they had convinced themselves the song was by Sam Smith. I did not have the heart to tell them they were wrong.

Bluebirds” starts with Keiffer’s lusciously low vocals. The song has intriguing dance track under the folk sound. Rob Griffith’s drumming really kicked it up a notch. Keiffer’s vocals on “Dreams” start in the higher range and is just as brilliant as his lower. Life of Dillon ended their set on “Overload,” with fans singing along. Overall, their performance was perfect for the young crowd with lots of energy and spunk. The next time they come to town, you know they’ll bring an even bigger fan base along, so keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter to find out when they’re coming back!

See all the photos from the show below!

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