Monday Playlist: Two Kings of Rock ‘N’ Roll!

Featured Image by Jason Train via Flickr

This past week in music history, we lost one King and gained another: Elvis Presley and Keith Moon. Household name and culture icon, Elvis, left the building August 16th, 1977 while a new king was born, however, on August 23rd, 1946 and would join The Who a mere eighteen years later as their original and most influential drummer. Moon’s manic, expressive, and insanely-talented drumming were more than just the pace for the band’s music: he was their heartbeat. He lived his life the way he played- fast paced, chaotic, and passionate. Unfortunately this lifestyle led to his untimely death at thirty-two and the world lose another great talent too soon. In his short life, Moon graced the music scene with immense talent and blazed the trail in the early days in order to climb to fame with The Who, leaving the industry with an incredible and everlasting set-list.

To commemorate the two rock legends we have compiled a playlist of their greatest music moments some some they have inspired.

Watch The Who rock the house again…

…and again!

Finally, the King in full Vegas Swing!

Listen to the full Playlist here!

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