Rediscovering the Magic of Music Making at Forge

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I hadn’t recorded a new song as an artist in quite a while. Some of you may be like, “Come again? You make music?” I do indeed although for quite some time, I was out of touch with that part of myself. It was never my intention to stop making music but when you get wrapped up running a site like Rock On Philly, it’s easy for your own art to get away from you.

That all changed with Forge Recording Studios, however. I was approached about running a story on recording there and given that most of my favorite Philly bands were happy clients, I couldn’t say no. Kid Felix, Modern Colour, Soraia, Silvertide, and countless others have worked out of this studio.

Kid Felix at Forge Recording Studios

Kid Felix & Ron at Forge Recording Studios

I assumed for the story I would cover someone else’s recording experience. You can imagine my astonishment when Ron DiSilvestro, lead engineer, suggested that I record a song.

I was thrilled and at the same time terrified. While I had been performing here and there over the past two years, I hadn’t actually recorded new music. The feeling I had in that moment could best be described as going back to the gym after two years of not going. The nerves were in full force but I knew I was past due for a new tune.

Luckily, Ron and team made me feel right at home. We chose to do a song that I played a lot in a live setting but never successfully recorded- “Jeans,” written with one of my favorite writing partners, Alex Gayle.

Will and Brendan working out keys and bass

Will and Brendan working out keys and bass

The first day was a full day of laying down the groundwork for the song. Brendan McGeehan, Forge engineer and also incredible bass player, put down a killer bass part for the tune. Will Winbourne, my most frequent Philly collaborator; added keys and Ron of course, added drums. Having such brilliant musicians committed to making this track sing is such a gift and having worked out of a lot of studios in my lifetime, it doesn’t always happen like this.

Once we had the track established, it was time to do vocals, which I am super nit picky about. Luckily, Ron is too and he was totally cool with making changes until everything was just right. At Forge, they don’t watch the clock. The team really dedicates themselves to making your song the best it can be. What’s more, they nurture the artists they work with, taking a role in their development even beyond the recording process, offering advice on promotion and the like.

Overall, the whole experience really inspired me and rekindled my love for making music. I’ve got my confidence back as an artist and have Forge to thank. I loved working there so much that I plan on finishing out this set of songs with them.

If you want to check out “Jeans,” you can stream it below on Bandcamp. Ron not only produced it, but mixed and mastered it as well. And side note, if you’re a musician that’s been swept up by your day job, it’s never too late to get back on that horse. For more information on Forge Recording Studios, visit:


  1. Lauren Silvestri

    August 29, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    The fact that both Kid Felix and Silvertide have recorded here already makes it legendary. Love the song Jen!

  2. Bryana Natale

    August 30, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    I really love when artists find the ‘sweet spot’ in their voice, sometimes its not just about the vocals. Jen, you definitely found your sweet spot here and I think I found my new girl power anthem!

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