ROP EXCLUSIVE: Avi Wisnia Drops New Single “Sky Blue Sky”

Featured Image by Chris M. Junior

Many moments mark the end of what we consider the summer season – the VMAs, Made In America, Labor Day, back to school, etc. – and if you are like me, it’s a little bit like separation anxiety. I yearn for summer all through the long winter months, and when Memorial Day finally arrives, summer always seems to go by a little too quickly. I’m not ready to give up my shore days, sundresses, and everything else we associate with summer! It appears that singer-songwriter Avi Wisnia feels the same way. On Tuesday, September 1st, he will release his new single, “Sky Blue Sky,” which was inspired by the fleeting days of summer.

Like much of Wisnia’s earlier material, “Sky Blue Sky” is heavily inspired by the Brazilian bossa nova tradition. In fact, the Philly native recorded the track via satellite between Philadelphia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Wisnia recorded his parts in Philly, while musicians he met in Brazil, such as Bruno Migliari, recorded theirs in Rio. “I’ve always found technology challenging, and a little bit frightening,” jokes Wisnia. “But the idea of finding a way to record something organic between Philadelphia and Rio was really exciting. My song ‘Sky Blue Sky’ has its roots firmly in Brazil.”

When you listen to “Sky Blue Sky,” it’s hard to define its exact sound. Rather, the song seamlessly blends jazz, pop, and Brazilian rhythms in intricate layers. The instruments in the background, which include the Brazilian pandeiro and cavaquinho, provide the backbone of the song and support Wisnia’s very calming, jazzy voice. Close your eyes and listen to the waves and birds as the song comes to a close; it’s as if you are sunbathing on the Jersey shore, or better yet, Brazilian shores.

You can listen to “Sky Blue Sky” exclusively below to feel the Brazilian experience for yourself. Then let us know in the comments what you think! Follow Avi Wisnia’s Facebook for more information on his upcoming releases!

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