Sofar Sounds to Host Secret Shows in Philly!

Featured Image by notauniqueid via Flickr

You’re invited to one of the most exclusive and secretive shows in Philly! Sofar Sounds, an organization that runs secret house gigs in over 90 cities around the world, has come to the City of Brotherly Love!

Sofar will host one of these gigs on Sunday, August 23rd in Philadelphia. The lineup remains a secret until you arrive, but expect three to four acts playing approximately a 20-minute acoustic/stripped down or spoken word set. Past performers in Philly include The Districts, CRUISR, The Lawsuits, among others. The location is not publicized either but will be in a private email, as most of the “venues” are at private homes.

These shows aren’t your typical house parties, however. On its website, Sofar explains that its mission is “to reinvigorate the way people enjoy music and make a major difference in the lives of up-and-coming artists and bands.” Event coordinators carefully select a diverse and passionate guest list to attend each gig. Attendees are expected to arrive on time and fully immerse themselves in the experience; no mindlessly looking at your phone! Sofar follows a “pay what you want” philosophy to allow all music lovers to participate and donate what they wish.

If you are interested in attending Sunday’s show, email to RSVP. This is not a guarantee that you are on the guest list, but someone from Sofar Sounds should reply promptly with more information.

Will you check out one of these secretive gigs? Tell us in the comments below!

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