The ROP Q&A: New Sound Brass

Featured Image: Jennifer Logue

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first New Sound Brass performance at Underground Arts. This soulful music collective has been jamming together and creating a magical musical space for audiences since 2012. Mixing mummery, gospel, and jazz, the band best describes themselves as Philadelphia spoken through brass and beats. We got to chat a bit with New Sound Brass after the show and decided to feature them in The ROP Q&A.

Rock On Philly: How did New Sound Brass initially come together?
NSB: We knew each other from various bands and decided to get together and see if we could do something different

ROP: What is your mission as a band?
NSB: Our mission is to play good music, have fun, and develop a Philly brass sound- a new sound.

ROP: How does it feel to see the crowd at Underground Arts dancing like crazy and cutting loose to your tunes?
NSB: It’s the biggest compliment you can have as an artist and it humbles you.

ROP: What do you love most about the Philly music scene?
NSB: Its richness in history.

ROP: When is your next show?
NSB: Our next show is Saturday, September 12th in Camden at 2nd & Cooper, Johnston Park. We’ll be playing with Big Sam’s Funky Nation.

If you want to see photos of New Sound Brass in action, check out our photo gallery below! For more on New Sound Brass, click here. 

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